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Commercial Self Service Coffee Machines

Caffia’s range of self service commercial coffee machines offers consistency and automation for delicious espresso, caffe latte, flat white, americano & more at the touch of a button or even with contactless payment.

We stock trusted commercial self service coffee machines from leading coffee brands such as Gaggia, Necta, Jura, and Franke. Whether you need a new machine for a self serve coffee station in a convenience store, hotel, pub, or office, every self serve coffee machine in the Caffia range is carefully selected based on its ease of use, reliability, and brew quality.

Order a high performance self service coffee machine from Caffia Coffee Group for free installation, training & coffee beans. You can also visit our showrooms in London or Falkirk to see our industrial coffee machines up close.

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What are Self Serve Commercial Coffee Machines?

Unlike commercial espresso machines that require a barista or someone who knows how to pull a shot of espresso, a self serve coffee machine for commercial use is typically a bean to cup machine that can make different types of hot drinks such as americano, flat white, latte, and even hot chocolate by simply pressing a button.

When someone orders a drink from a self serve commercial coffee brewer, the machine grinds fresh coffee beans and doses it in the correct amount. Hot water is then pressed through the freshly ground coffee beans to create an espresso that is dispensed into coffee cups from the commercial coffee dispenser. If the user has chosen a milk based drink, texturised milk/foam will be added on top of the espresso. This coffee making process can take anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds.

This type of commercial coffee machine is the ideal coffee solution for businesses and offices because it doesn't require human input and offers benefits such as improved productivity, reduced wastage & overhead costs, less maintenance, and greater consistency.

Applications & Usages

The versatility of a self service commercial coffee machine is what makes them such a popular choice in various settings. A self serve coffee machine can be used in:

  • Convenience stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Workplaces & Boardrooms
  • Cafes
  • Coffee bars
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Golf clubs & Leisure facilities

From classic Jura coffee machines to advanced Franke commercial coffee machines, we have commercial self serve coffee machines for every setting. So whether you're looking for coffee machines for shops, coffee machines for hair salons, or coffee machines for restaurants, a commercial coffee maker with self serving functionality is a versatile and easy to use option.

Speak to our team about which commercial self service coffee machine is right for your needs.

Convenience Stores

A self service coffee station is a familiar sight in corner shops and convenience stores and often a saving grace when a morning caffeine kick or evening pick me up is needed. Investing in a bean to cup self serve machine allows you to give your customers quality coffee drinks that will keep them coming back for more.

Our range of self service commercial coffee machines includes all in one bean to cup machines with touch screens and user friendly interfaces that make them the perfect convenience store coffee machine. With this type of self service coffee station, you can give customers the caffeine kick they need without having to worry about mess or maintenance.

Petrol Stations

Much like convenience store coffee machines, a touch screen commercial coffee machine is often a welcomed sight in petrol stations on road trips or those early mornings on Sunday drives to visit family out of town. For the business owner, these self serve commercial coffee machines are low maintenance and offer easy cleaning, which are major benefits.

Our commercial coffee machine range includes all in one bean to cup machines with touch screens and user friendly interfaces that make them dependable self service coffee vending machines for petrol stations.

Cafés, Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Next to a traditional espresso machine, a commercial bean to cup coffee machine that can consistently make high quality drinks is an essential piece of commercial coffee equipment for a café, coffee shop, or restaurant. Self serve commercial coffee machines such as a bean to cup coffee machine allow staff or customers to easily brew a wide range of coffee drinks at the touch of a button, which can speed up service without compromising on quality.

Some of the models in this range are built for high volume usage and have the necessary features to ensure they produce exceptional coffee quickly with consistent results. Commercial coffee machines with a self serve functionality often have their own coffee grinder and produce coffee using fresh milk.

Hotels, B&Bs & Guest Houses

An all in one coffee machine with self service functionality is a popular choice for hotels because they give guests 24/7 access to quality coffee drinks and are exceptionally easy to use.

Automatic self serve machines can be great investments for accommodation venues of all types and sizes, including motels, Airbnb, guest houses, and even resorts. Popular locations for a self service machine in a hotel includes the lobby, conference rooms, dining areas, club rooms, and guest bedrooms.

Our commercial espresso machines are also popular choices for hotels.

Big & Small Offices

A full service coffee machine for the office is essential if you want to ensure staff get the caffeine kick they need to power through work and clients get barista style drinks during meetings that show you care about quality. A commercial self service coffee machine for business settings such as an office canteen or boardroom is a worthy investment for big and small companies.

Investing in commercial coffee machines for the workplace that have self serving functionality can also reduce mess and save time because a self serving coffee machine doesn't require any tamping or milk frothing and can produce coffee drinks quickly, all at the touch of a button.

Catering Businesses

When it comes to coffee machines for businesses such as catering companies, ease of use, portability, and low maintenance are key qualities. This is what makes a hardy industrial coffee machine with self serve functionality an essential piece of commercial coffee equipment for a catering business.

A self serve coffee machine for commercial use is increasingly sought after by catering businesses because they offer complete convenience for clients and staff alike. Our range of commercial coffee machines includes plumbed in and non-plumbed models. Our non-plumbed coffee makers are compact enough to easily move around and have a user friendly interface.

Order one of our all in one coffee machines with self service functionality for a dependable machine your customers and staff will love. Caffia offers UK wide delivery.

Our Range of Commercial Self Serve Coffee Machines

Our self service coffee vending machines automatically prepare caffe lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, americanos, hot chocolate, and mochas using fresh espresso coffee beans/ground coffee and fresh milk or powder milk and hot chocolate. If you want commercial coffee vending machines that can charge for the drinks and (in come cases) also give change, some models also have this feature. Along with our to buy models, Caffia can also offer a self service coffee machine on rental (3–5 lease options).

Reliable Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a self serve coffee maker is whether you will be able to depend on them to consistently produce quality drinks. Manufactured with quality materials by coffee brands that are well known for making high performance industrial coffee machines for commercial use, you can trust that your new bean to cup commercial coffee machine from Caffia won't let you down.

The Latest Models from Leading Coffee Brands

If you're looking for the perfect coffee bean machine, look no further than Caffia. We are able to provide our clients with reliable coffee machines because we only stock commercial coffee machines from some of the coffee industry's most well known and trusted coffee machine manufacturers. When browsing our range of self service coffee machines, you will find brands such as Gaggia, Necta, Jura, and Franke.

Easy to Operate, Clean & Maintain

Self service commercial coffee machines are among the most popular machines on the market because they can make delicious coffee at the touch of a button and are easy to clean and and easy to maintain. Many models do not require regular cleaning and some models even have a Bluetooth remote control app that makes operation incredibly simple. Spilt milk and ground coffee all over the counters is also a thing of the past with these commercial coffee machines because everything is integrated within the machine.

Free Installation & Training

When you buy a coffee self service machine for business or commercial settings from Caffia, you get more than just the machine.

Every commercial coffee machine comes with free installation, operator training to ensure your staff know how to properly use the machine, water softener filter, and a case of Caffia coffee beans.

Caffia Coffee: A Trusted Commercial Self Service Coffee Machine Supplier

Caffia has been involved in the coffee industry for over 20 years and can advise on the best commercial coffee machine and coffee beans to ensure you get quality coffee every time.

Our goal is to help businesses thrive by providing a tailored coffee experience, high quality commercial coffee machines & accessories, excellent customer service, and expert knowledge. We also provide after care support which gives you access to our UK wide engineers whenever you need.

Our range includes every type of machine, from professional coffee machines (barista coffee machines) to automatic models such as those in this commercial self service coffee machine range. So whether you're wanting a commercial coffee machine for businesses such as corporate offices or a coffee machine for shops such as grocers or coffee houses, Caffia has the machine for you.

UK Wide Delivery

Whether you want your new commercial coffee machine delivered to a business in England or a business in Scotland, we can deliver your new commercial self serve coffee vending machine to your doorstep. We deliver our commercial coffee machines and wholesale ground coffee and coffee beans across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Visit our Showrooms in Falkirk or London

If you're looking for commercial coffee machines in the UK but don't know where to start, why not visit our equipment showrooms in Falkirk and central London to see our self serving coffee machine range in person.

Get in touch with one of our coffee experts at 01324 617618 (Falkirk) or 0203 096 7233 (London) and we will happily advise you on the best commercial coffee machine and coffee for your needs.

Ready to experience coffee with Caffia? Browse our self service coffee machine range to find the perfect commercial bean to cup machine for your business.

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