Self Service Coffee Machines

This range of self-service coffee machines offer consistency and automation whereby delicious coffee drinks are made at the touch of a button or even in a contactless way for infection control. In the colder parts of the year, or if you have a sweet tooth, it is a real pleasure to enjoy hot chocolate from a self-service coffee machine especially if this is made with fresh milk as it can be on the Franke A600, A800 or Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 series of Swiss coffee machines.

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A bean-to-cup office coffee machine offers a very high quality of drink that is akin to a coffee shop standard and yet is a very reasonable price – often just 10 or 12p compared to 2 pounds or more in a cafe! Would you prefer your staff to stay at work and be more productive? Well, this is another reason to consider a self-service bean to cup coffee machine from our range. Simply touch the screen for a delicious coffee to be dispensed into a cup, mug or paper cup of your choice. Who needs a barista with this type of coffee machine?

You can see our wide range of self-service coffee machines for all spaces and budgets in the flesh at our central London coffee machine showroom or our Falkirk coffee school. Caffia Coffee Group is a dynamic family-run coffee business with a full range of 16 different prime coffees please do ask us for samples and for a lease rental of coffee machines quotation.

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