Espresso Coffee Beans For Coffee Machine Use

Caffia stocks a wide selection of espresso coffee beans for coffee machine use.

Espresso beans can handle the high pressure and hot water needed for a coffee machine to extract the espresso while retaining a full-bodied taste and dreamy aroma. This is why espresso beans are so popular in restaurants and cafés.

Caffia coffee beans span every European, UK and USA taste style in a practical, refined, and great value range packed in 6 x 1 kg airtight bags with an aroma valve.

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Our Range of Commercial Coffee Beans

Caffia has been a trusted brand in the coffee industry for over 20 years because our focus is on quality. We expertly select, roast and blend our coffee, package it, then sell these quality espresso coffee beans online. We also supply coffee shops, restaurants, caterers, and retailers.

Our collection includes a Caffia signature blend range as well as beans from other leading coffee brands. With the Caffia coffee range, you can enjoy the very best espresso blends and singe origins from around the world to truly experience coffee.

Whether you're looking for darker roast Italian blend coffee beans for coffee shops or Colombian varieties for an office setting, Caffia is a one-stop coffee supplier for quality coffee beans with decadent blends, roasts and flavours.

From the smooth Italian style of Caffia's Espresso Crema beans and Fino beans to the liquorice tones of Supremo and our Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade & Organic Triple Certified Espresso Trios coffee beans, we have the right flavour for your coffee beans machine and can help you optimise your coffee making process for the very best results. Our Caffia espresso crema coffee beans are the most popular espresso coffee bean in our range.

From the best decaf coffee beans for an espresso machine to speciality single origins, we have everything you need to blow your customers away while protecting the planet.

Roast Styles for Every Taste

Caffia coffee beans go through an intricate process that starts with the harvesting and picking of the coffee cherries and ends with the roasting of the beans.

Coffee roasters draw out 800-1000 different aroma compounds when roasting coffee espresso beans and through roast profiling, a coffee roaster carefully manipulates these compounds to create the unique flavour and distinctive notes that you enjoy in a cup. The longer a coffee bean is roasted, the more caffeine is pulled out and the taste becomes less acidic.

Many coffee connoisseurs believe that the best way to truly enjoy a distinctive roast style is through a neat espresso or black coffee. Whether it's a unique signature single origin or espresso blend, Caffia coffee beans boast the full spectrum of roast levels, ensuring that every taste and preference can find a roast they love.

Wondering what roast level is ideal for the best tasting espresso shot? Or perhaps you're after the perfect cappuccino instead? Here are the flavour profiles for each roast style so you can decide on the best espresso beans for your needs:

Lighter Roasts

The bean's origin flavours are more distinctive in light roasts because the flavours that are created during the roasting process are less notable. The longer beans are roasted, the more time there is for the chemical changes that create these flavour profiles to develop.

Fruity citrus or lemon flavours are often noted when drinking coffee from a light roast, which is a characteristic some coffee drinkers love.

Medium Roasts

Sometimes also known as a 'breakfast' roast, medium roast coffee is considered a well-balanced roast which results in a slightly acidic coffee, good body, and rich caramelisation that is pleasing to most palates.

A barista will usually use medium roasted beans for a subtle, balanced coffee that is perfect for milk drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites.

Darker Roasts

In dark roasts, you typically won't taste the origin flavours, but rather how that type of espresso bean responded to the unique roasting style. Dark roasted beans have a buttery finish and are used to create bold, strong flavours.

This roasting level allows the sugars in the bean to caramelise for longer to create sweeter chocolatey or nutty notes. With a full, richer taste profile, dark roast espressos are great for drinks like an Americano or for speciality coffee shops.

Very Dark Roasts

We can't talk about the very dark roast without bringing up Italian coffee. Italians are well known for loving espresso brewed from dark coffee beans that offer a more robust taste and very dark roast coffee beans are often the preferred choice for this style of coffee.

This is typically the darkest coffee roast with a very dark, oily appearance. This roast produces smokey, charred flavours for a more refined palate.

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Can you use espresso beans in any coffee machine?

The main difference between machines, from a bean to cup machine to a traditional espresso machine, lies in the brewing methods they use to draw coffee from the beans.

With our exceptional coffee beans and a good brewing method from a trained barista, you can expect a perfectly pulled espresso shot with a bold flavour from your traditional machine. But while espresso beans are designed to retain their flavour under the pressurised hot water of an espresso machine's brew method, you can also use espresso beans for other types of machines.

Just remember to use a good quality coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans down to the correct grind size for your machine and to choose the right setting. For instance, the finely ground coffee that is perfect for espresso machines wouldn't be ideal for your bean to cup machine.

Ideally, try to get the right coffee beans for the machine to ensure you can extract the best flavour from the beans. We can advise you on the best espresso coffee beans for your machine — get in touch with our friendly team to find out more!

What are the best coffee beans for an espresso?

The answer to this question lies in individual preference. That being said, for the commercial coffee industry, most coffee roasters strive for an espresso blend with mostly Arabica coffee as it is full-bodied, suitable for all barista skill levels, and pleasant to most palates.

As a cheaper option, a single origin Robusta is less sweet, has less acidity, contains more caffeine, and creates a dreamy rim of crema. For these reasons, it can be used for espressos, although its flavour can be described as slightly more raw.

Therefore, specialised espresso blends are generally best for espresso shots in a commercial setting.

How do you store espresso beans?

Like with all food, the fresher your beans, the better the resulting shot of espresso — and the thicker the crema!

Store your unused espresso beans in an airtight container to ensure fresh coffee every time. Many traditional espresso machines have bean hoppers with silicone lids. You can keep espresso beans in the hopper, but since it is not completely airtight, it is best to only store a moderate amount at a time.

If you've purchased bulk coffee beans in the UK for commercial use, it may be a good idea to freeze your beans in an airtight container to extend their shelf life by a few months while still retaining freshness.

In our espresso coffee beans in the UK range, all the bags of coffee beans (1kg) are sealed in airtight packaging and include aroma valves.

Pro tip: Remember to check your coffee bags' roast date. Wait at least 1-4 days after roasting to let the coffee machine beans ‘rest' before serving them to customers. Between 5-10 days, espressos are expected to reach their peak flavour.

Caffia: Wholesale Espresso Beans from a Trusted Coffee Company

Caffia is known for premium coffee. From our sustainable supply chain to our expert roasting processes, special care is taken to ensure only the highest quality so you can be sure you are purchasing the best online coffee beans in the UK when you buy Caffia coffee beans.

Along with our whole coffee beans, we also stock quality commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders from leading coffee manufacturers around the world, as well as miscellaneous coffee supplies and spare parts for coffee machines.

Our espresso machine beans are sourced sustainably and are of the highest quality.

Enjoy bold, rich flavours in every cup when you buy coffee beans in the UK from Caffia. Order online today!

Wholesale Coffee Beans in the UK

As established coffee beans wholesale suppliers, we are committed to meeting your needs, no matter the size of your business. We supply to hospitality, catering, and retail clients.

We offer better prices and fast delivery when they buy espresso coffee beans for wholesale in the UK range to ensure you meet your daily demands and save.

With Caffia, you can buy coffee beans in bulk and know that our quality coffee beans have what it takes to impress your customers and keep them coming back day after day.

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Sample the Best Espresso Coffee Beans for Sale in the UK from Caffia

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