We are suppliers of commercial coffee machines with free installation and training all over the UK, our range includes Franke, Jura, Gaggia, Bravilor and Necta coffee machines.

Please call us on 01324 617618 or visit our central London commercial coffee machines UK showroom or Falkirk coffee school where a range of bean to cup coffee machines, traditional espresso machines, grinders and filter coffee machines can be seen and barista training can be taught at our coffee schools.

Commercial Coffee Machines

All commercial coffee machines supplied by Caffia Coffee Group comes with operator and barista training, water filter and installation as standard; we advise you so as to ensure the correct machine and grinder and coffee to optimise the success of your venture.

Our busy London showroom is located at The Design Hub Clerkenwell, 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS, near to Old Street and Barbican tube stations and the City, Holborn, Shoreditch and Islington, please do call in to discuss your needs soon!

London Coffee Machines

What Is The Price Of Commercial Coffee Machine?

The price range for this type of equipment is from £1200.00 + VAT to more than £12,000.00 + VAT to buy, a typical 2 group espresso coffee machine and grinder package complete with free coffee beans and staff barista training is around £3500.00 + VAT. We also offer coffee machines lease rental deals.

We are a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your consumable needs like coffee beans, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate, paper cups and stirrers. You may be wondering: ‘Which coffee machine is best for commercial use?’ The answer is that there is a substantial range so please contact us for a demonstration and see how a coffee machines for commercial use can help in your office or catering outlet.

Our range of commercial coffee machines are used every day of the week in:

Offices and Workplaces UK-Wide

Office coffee machines offer a morale boost to your staff and impress visitors with a delicious fresh flat white, cappuccino or caffe latte. These are made to coffee shop standards using an automatic coffee machine like the Gaggia La Radiosa bean-to-cup coffee machine.

We also offer a wide range of commercial filter coffee machines which are ideal for brewing filter coffee in to glass jugs or flasks for meetings and conferences in the office. They are reliable and simple coffee machines that prepare a brew with relatively thin body that is easy to drink for several cups and we have a wide range of fresh coffees available.

Filter coffee machines brands that we offer include Bravilor, Coffee Queen and Marco along with decanters, filter papers, flasks, descaler products and water softener filters.

Cafes and Coffee Bars:

Coffee shops all over the UK benefit for our friendly expertise and long experience in sourcing coffee machines. Among other questions is: How much does a coffee shop machine cost? We would say between £2500 and £6000 is a typical package price; this is a decision that you need some advice on before taking.

Our range covers espresso coffee machines and espresso coffee grinders such as a barista would use from Crem, Esprezzi and Synchro and also heavy-duty bean-to-cup coffee machines using fresh milk and coffee beans.

Commercial Coffee Machine

Our barista-style espresso professional coffee machines come in several popular sizes, the compact 2 group – either Esprezzi Ultra or Synchro, the full size 2 group – again with the Esprezzi Ultra or Synchro and the 3 group models – it is also possible to obtain a 4 group Synchro machine. Why not browse our range of coffee shop espresso coffee grinders?

Cafes and cafe bars pair an espresso machine with one of our grinder range from Macap or Mazzer – at Caffia Coffee we sometimes wonder: ‘Why don’t customers go for 2 grinders and serve 2 different styles of coffee?’ For example in our range Espresso Crema is very different from Espresso Supremo but both are delicious in their own way and would offer a distinctive choice to the consumer.

Hotels & Restaurants:

We say the coffee machine in a hotel or restaurant is one of the most important contributors to your profits. The margin that can be made on cappuccino, flat white or caffe latte is huge – sometimes over £2.00 per cup! Talk to us about our range of commercial coffee machines, grinders or bean to cup machines for restaurants.

Another very important hotel coffee machine is the filter coffee machine – these come in a range of models from a simple double jug coffee machine that is manual fill to twin pour over filter coffee brewers that are plumbed to the mains water supply for more convenient operation for the caterer and finally bulk-brewers.

What is a bulk brewer?

As the name suggests, a bulk brewer is a large commercial coffee machine that makes big batches (5 litres or more up to 20 litres) of fresh filter coffee; these machines are needed for hotels, conference centres, university kitchens because of the demand for large volumes of coffee in a short space of time, they generally need a substantial electrical supply.

Bulk Brewer Coffee Machine

We offer a range of bulk brewers from brands like Bravilor and Marco with specific models like the Bravilor B10 and B20 and the Marco Jet Brewer, an exciting new model offering brewing programming and parameters that very much enhance the quality of the coffee brewed. Bulk brewers are often used for breakfast coffee in hotels, a time of high demand.

Self Service Coffee Machines:

Quality coffee is more and more part of our everyday lives – in the office, at home, on the train and when out for leisure; many leisure outlets have self service coffee machines on petrol forecourts, in swimming pools and at golf clubs and holiday parks. One exceptionally impressive self-service bean to cup coffee machine is the Franke A600 FoamMaster as shown here:

Franke A600 Coffee Machine

Golf Clubs and Leisure:

We offer a range of coffee machines for golf clubs, clubhouses and many other leisure outlets like fitness centres, indoor karting, swimming and caravan parks, restaurants and holiday parks throughout Scotland, Cornwall and the UK.

Many golf clubs have a requirement for an ‘out of hours coffee machine’ and in this case something like the Necta Koro Max Prime can be an excellent option for bean to cup fresh coffee with powdered milk and powdered hot chocolate and a coin-mechanism to take the money.

The Caffia fresh coffee range is wide and comprehensive – there are 8 different espresso coffee beans in 1 kg packs and 8 fresh filter coffees in portioned sachets for filter coffee machines including Rainforest Alliance coffees and Fairtrade coffees.

We also supply cafetiere grind coffee in 500g packs and 1-cup ‘one shot’ sachets for traditional espresso machines.

We dispatch our coffees along with ancillaries like paper cups, teabags, hot chocolate sachets and ingredients, sugars and coffee machine cleaning fluid, descaler liquid and Renegite powder sachets UK-wide by DPD Courier for next-day delivery.

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