Custom Coffee

For Hospitality and Workplaces

Custom Coffee Solutions

For Hospitality and Workplaces

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Step 1

We find what your requirements are, at either our London or Falkirk showroom, over a video meeting, or in person at your premises.

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Step 2

Our experts propose all-inclusive office coffee machines solution suitable for your exact requirements, totally bespoke for your needs.

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Step 3

Caffia provide the complete package – coffees, teas, equipment, consumables, cleaning items and disposables, along with full training, installation and full UK engineer coverage.

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Our Story

Caffia Coffee Group is a British success story in pragmatic, outward-looking coffee beans and coffee machine expertise embracing global taste styles and in-depth coffee and equipment knowledge.

Fair Trade

When you choose Fairtrade coffee, not only can farmers build a better quality of life for their families and communities, they can invest in growing better quality beans too.

Total Solution

Do you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or golf club? We offer an extensive range of professional coffee equipment for these types of outlets including 3 group espresso machines and grind-on-demand coffee grinders.

Latest From Our Blog

Ideas and inspiration on all things coffee.  You may also wish to view our coffee machine case studies.

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Orange Hot Chocolate Ingredients: Gracio Hot Chocolate orange syrup Milk Instructions Combine 1 scoop hot chocolate with a splash of hot water Add 2 pumps syrup then mix to a smooth paste Add steamed milk, stirring as you pour (optional, grate orange peel to top)...

Coffee Machine Rental

Coffee machine rental via our lease rental finance deals spreads out the cost of acquiring your coffee machine, milk fridge, and coffee grinders, leaving valuable capital available for other business purposes like marketing.   While commercial coffee equipment is...

Bonfire Seasonal Recipes

Bonfire Seasonal Recipes

Try one of our favourite bonfire recipes, you won't regret it. Honeycomb Latte Ingredients Double espresso Honeycomb syrup Steamed milk, top with Caramel Sauce Instructions: Combine a double espresso with syrup in the cup Top up with steamed milk Toffee Nut Cappuccino...

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Address (London)

London Coffee Machine Showroom, 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS

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Falkirk Coffee Machine Showroom, Lomond House, Russel Street, Falkirk. FK2 7HS

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