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Traditional Coffee Machines for Commercial Use

Produce coffees that suit every taste and palate with a traditional coffee machine — the quintessential choice of coffee machines for espresso.

Traditional coffee machines are also known as barista-style 2 group and 3 group commercial espresso coffee machines. They are essential pieces of coffee equipment in today’s coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Paired with espresso coffee grinders, you will have everything you need to prepare great espresso coffee.

Whether you’re after an espresso machine in Glasgow or London, every commercial coffee machine for sale in the UK from Caffia Coffee Group includes free installation and training, as well as a starter pack with coffee beans. Explore our range of commercial espresso machines to take your coffee offerings to the next level.

Choosing the right traditional espresso machine is simple with Caffia, a leading commercial coffee machines supplier in the UK. Browse our range of espresso coffee makers to find the perfect commercial espresso coffee machine for your needs.

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Our Range of Traditional Espresso Machines

At Caffia, we believe in the power of a flawlessly brewed cup of coffee to transform any day. We are thrilled to introduce our extraordinary collection of traditional commercial coffee machines, meticulously crafted to enhance your coffee experience.

With our coffee-making equipment and training, you can deliver the rich intensity of espresso, the artistry of cappuccinos, and the bold and invigorating flavours of an americano. Our range of espresso machines in the UK truly caters to every desire and brewing technique.

This is what you can find in our collection of traditional espresso coffee machines for commercial use.

Traditional Coffee Machine Variations & Configurations

Our traditional coffee machines encompass a range of exceptional options made to meet the demands of high-volume coffee establishments.

These commercial coffee makers are thoughtfully designed with intuitive controls, allowing you to adjust and tailor your brew to perfection. Adjustable settings, temperature control, and programmable features put the power of customisation in your hands, ensuring every cup suits your customers' unique preferences. We also offer 2 and 3 group machine configurations, depending on how many shots you need to produce at a time.

One of our most popular commercial coffee makers is a semi-automatic industrial espresso machine. Offering a balance between automated features and manual control, this machine allows baristas to manipulate variables like grind size, extraction time, and water temperature to achieve the perfect shot of espresso. Alternatively, a fully automatic espresso machine streamlines the brewing process, making it ideal for busy environments where consistency and speed are crucial.

Mid or High-Volume Outputs

All of our traditional coffee machines allow you to produce multiple shots simultaneously.

Are you looking for commercial coffee machines in London for medium or high-capacity sites? Between our 2 and 3 group espresso coffee machines, you will find the right output level for everything from small cafes and restaurants to hotels and high-volume coffee shops.

Our traditional espresso coffee machines are built to withstand heavy usage and provide the precision and performance needed to consistently craft exceptional espresso-based beverages. They also pair well with our selection of organic and fair trade coffee beans at wholesale rates.

Coffee Machines from Sought-After Brands

We stock leading brands in the world of traditional coffee machines and equipment. Whether you want a luxurious espresso machine for a London cafe or are searching for high-quality coffee machines in Manchester — our range never disappoints. Our barista coffee machines have been selected for their reputation of consistently delivering superior performance and elevating the coffee experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Compatible with our wholesale coffee beans, we offer espresso machines for sale from the following brands.


Crem stands out with its innovative and reliable coffee machines. Renowned for their fine engineering, Crem's machines are designed to deliver consistently excellent results, making them a favourite amongst coffee professionals.


Esprezzi is synonymous with precision and elegance. Their coffee machines are known for their sleek designs and advanced features, allowing users to create barista-quality coffee consistently.


Synchro is known for its top-of-the-line espresso barista machines. Celebrated for their exceptional build quality, advanced technology and customisable options, these traditional coffee machines cater to the needs of baristas in speciality coffee establishments.


Macap is known for its collection of coffee grinders. With a focus on precision grinding, Macap grinders help you ensure a consistent grind size for perfectly extracted flavours. Our selection also includes machines with additional features such as timers and automation.

Commercial Barista Coffee Machine Packages & Installation

When it comes to our traditional coffee machines, we offer diverse packages for installation. Options include traditional coffee machines with grinders, individual grinders, and espresso coffee equipment, accessories and machine parts.

This consists of a commercial espresso machine with an espresso coffee grinder, as well as a knock-out drawer, frothing milk jug, free coffee beans, and full barista training for your staff.

We can also install a water softener filter with a non-return valve on the water supply pipe. This helps to remove unwanted chemicals to improve the quality of your hot water.

With Caffia as your coffee partner, your business will have all the tools to produce elegant coffees and espressos that fill your space with an enticing aroma that is truly unmatched.

Need help choosing a traditional coffee machine for your London establishment? Perhaps you’re in the market for a coffee machine in Glasgow. Speak to us about finding the right coffee machine package for your needs. 

Commercial Traditional Coffee Machines — FAQs

When buying a coffee machine for barista use, you want to be as informed as possible before making your choice. Below are our answers to some commonly asked questions about our traditional espresso maker collection.

Should I get a 3 group or 2 group espresso machine?

The group designation refers to the number of brewing heads on an espresso machine. Each group can produce 2 espresso shots at a time, meaning that 2 group machines can make 4 shots at a time, while 3 group coffee machines can create up to 6 shots at a time.

When choosing between these two options, your decision will be based on how many cups of coffee your establishment needs to make.

Other factors to consider when shopping for an espresso coffee machine for commercial use are the number of steam wands it features and whether it has a single or dual boiler system. A dual hot water system has independent brewing and steaming boilers, meaning you can adjust heat settings separately for increased temperature control.

What are the best traditional machines for coffee shops?

If you're looking for traditional coffee machines for cafes, hotels with in-house baristas, bars, or restaurant venues, a 2 group or 3 group professional barista machine is best.

These traditional espresso makers are designed to produce higher volumes of espresso than single-group machines. With two or three brewing groups, baristas can prepare multiple drinks simultaneously, increasing efficiency during peak hours and reducing customer waiting times.

Bean to cup vs traditional coffee machines — what's the difference?

Traditional coffee machines and bean to cup machines are both types of ground coffee machines that pair well with bulk-buy coffee beans. However, they offer distinctly different approaches to coffee brewing, each with its own set of advantages.

Traditional coffee machines, or espresso machines, allow for a more hands-on and customisable experience. With these machines, baristas have greater control over almost every variable, resulting in a highly nuanced cup of coffee.

Bean to cup machines provide convenience, speed and automation. These machines usually have integrated grinders, allowing you to use fresh whole coffee beans without needing to operate a professional barista coffee machine. With a simple push of a button, bean to cup machines handle everything from grinding the beans to brewing the coffee.

Bean to cup machines work well in office and retail environments and are an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and consistency. On the other hand, a traditional coffee maker requires more skill and manual effort but is a key factor in drawing a crowd to almost any good coffee shop.

Are you searching for a coffee machine for your cafe or coffee shop? Browse our range to find your ideal barista coffee machine for commercial use.

Caffia: Trusted Suppliers of Commercial Coffee Machines in the UK

With over 20 years of industry experience, Caffia is a trusted family-run business in the UK. We work with well-established brands to help you deliver the best coffee experiences.

As established coffee machine suppliers, we offer packages to suit all your needs — from the purchase or lease of professional espresso machines and bulk coffee beans to training, maintenance plans and cleaning products.

Our cutting-edge commercial barista coffee makers allow you to offer authentic coffee brewing experiences at your business. With everything from plain coffees to more intricate lattes, you can cater to every customer's needs.

Whether you’re  looking for premium coffee equipment in London or coffee machines in Glasgow, our UK-wide offerings have you covered. Let Caffia help you discover new realms of flavour, ease of use, and meticulous artistry with a specialised barista coffee maker.

Searching for the perfect coffee machine for traditional use? Shop our commercial coffee machines for sale online, or get in touch to request a quote.

Barista Coffee Machines for Sale or to Lease

We understand that a barista-style coffee machine can be a significant investment for any business. Over and above our espresso coffee machines for sale, we also offer lease to buy options to help with your cash flow as you get your setup together.

When choosing a commercial coffee machine rental in London or elsewhere in the UK, you can save on initial costs by paying off your purchase in monthly instalments over 3 or 5 years.

Contact us for more information about coffee machine hire in London and the rest of the UK. Our experienced team will ensure that you find the best solution for your business.

Request a Quote or Visit Our Showrooms

Ready to get your new commercial espresso coffee machine? Request a quote online for the professional espresso machine you have your eye on, or call us at 01324 617618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (England). We will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about our commercial barista machine collection.

You can also visit our showrooms in Falkirk or London to see our wide range of traditional espresso coffee machines in action.

We have commercial coffee machines for every palate and pocket. Elevate your coffee game by buying a traditional coffee machine from Caffia. Shop our range of traditional coffee machines online now. 

Traditional Coffee Machines

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