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Office Coffee Machines to Buy or Lease

Every workplace, no matter its size, can benefit from a high-quality office coffee machine from Caffia Coffee Group.

Not only will your staff appreciate the good coffee, but being able to offer your clients quality coffee is a good sign of professionalism and hospitality.

Caffia is a trusted supplier of coffee equipment for offices across the country because our office coffee machines are designed to handle all workplace coffee requirements and provide great quality coffee every time. We’ve got coffee machines with varying features like brewing capacity, ease of use, and drink customisation, so you can find the perfect fit for your office’s needs. Our coffee makers also come with free installation and staff training to ensure they are used correctly.

Whether you want to buy a bean to cup coffee machine to impress clients or a filter coffee machine for staff meetings, you’ll find the right commercial coffee machine for your needs when you browse our range of office coffee machines in the UK. We also offer office coffee machines to lease (to buy).

Ready to experience coffee with Caffia? Browse our range of bean to cup, filter, and professional coffee machines for offices or visit our showrooms in Falkirk or London.

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Our Collection of Office Coffee Machines

At Caffia, we know that every workplace is unique when it comes to its coffee needs, which is why we stock a huge range of office coffee machines from leading brands.

As established suppliers of workplace coffee machines in the city of London and the UK as a whole, Caffia has an industrial coffee machine for offices of all types and sizes. Our office coffee systems include everything from professional coffee machines for offices with their own coffee bar to fully automatic office coffee machines for canteen rooms.

Here’s what you will find within our range of commercial coffee machines for offices:

Office Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Looking for a workplace coffee machine that offers the perfect blend of quality coffee and convenience? Pairing perfectly with our wholesale coffee beans, a bean to cup machine gives your staff and clients convenient cups of coffee that taste great every time, all at the push of a button.

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines grind and brew coffee beans into espresso, then top it with textured fresh milk to create perfect speciality coffees like a latte. With potential drinks ranging from simple americanos to flat whites or even a cafe latte, it's no wonder bean to cup machines are one of the most sought-after coffee machines for the office. To ensure your employees’ cups are never empty, you can shop in bulk for our coffee beans.

Our range of bean to cup automatic office coffee machines offers you the following.

  • Versatile speciality coffees, bean hopper capacity, number of drinks dispensed at once, milk systems, and more!
  • Office coffee makers with a smart connect function that allows them to be operated remotely via a smartphone app.
  • Dual milk machines, iced coffee modules, and hot chocolate hoppers.

Whether you need a new coffee machine for a London corporation or are looking for reliable workplace coffee machines in Glasgow, we’ve got the perfect bean to cup coffee machine for your office.

For advice on which bean to cup coffee machine or office espresso machines would suit your workplace, contact us on live chat, email or phone. You can also request a no-obligation quote.

Office Filter Coffee Machines

Quick and hassle-free, a filter coffee machine for office use is an essential piece of equipment in any type of work environment.

Commercial filter coffee machines, also known as drip coffee machines, work by pouring boiling water over ground beans in a filter. Once filtered through, the brewed coffee is collected in a carafe, pot, or flask that sits underneath the filter.

Key features of our range of commercial filter coffee machines are as follows.

  • The ability to brew large volumes of black coffee at a time. This ensures there’s always a cup ready and waiting and is an ideal solution for large offices or busy showrooms.
  • Fast brewing times for when you need a quick caffeine hit.
  • Various brewing capacities, as well as single and double hot plate features. These advanced features make office coffee brewers great for catering to diverse workplaces.

Browse our range of filter coffee machines for office use online or visit our showrooms in Falkirk, Scotland or London, England.

Instant Coffee & Hot Chocolate Machines

Are you looking for commercial coffee machines for a London business? Perhaps you want efficient coffee machines for your Manchester office. Either way, you can't go wrong with one of our instant machine options.

Instant coffee and hot chocolate machines boast the following features.

  • They can provide quick and convenient hot drinks without any fuss.
  • They typically use powdered ingredients and are efficient and easy to use, making them ideal for busy environments.
  • Each instant coffee machine for office use offers unique benefits like pre-loaded drink defaults, integral flush systems, and quick dispense times.

Hot Water Boilers

Connected to a plumbed water connection, commercial hot water boilers are designed to continuously provide a supply of boiling water for making hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, and instant coffee.

Here’s what you should know about our range of office hot water boilers.

  • They save you and your staff the trouble of having to boil a kettle every time you want to make coffee.
  • They’re available in an array of sizes with various litre capacities and hourly litre outputs.
  • They offer special features such as precision temperature control.

Whether you're a small company looking for a lightweight filter coffee machine for the office or a large corporate organisation needing industrial coffee machines for your offices — Caffia has it! Contact us to request a quote or get advice on the best coffee machine for office use for your workplace.

Benefits of Our Range of Commercial Coffee Machines for Offices

As trusted suppliers of office coffee machines in the UK, we offer a wide selection of high-quality commercial coffee machines for offices of every size. Whether you need a commercial bean to cup coffee machine for a small office or a large coffee machine for a corporate space filled with people, Caffia has the solution for you.

To go with our extensive range, we stock a variety of coffee beans at wholesale rates, so you can easily make your favourite caffeinated drinks without running out of beans. We also offer UK-wide delivery for our products. So you can buy everything from office coffee equipment in London to a speciality workplace coffee machine in Glasgow.

Here are some of the stand-out qualities of our range of coffee machines for the office:

Leading Office Coffee Machine Brands

At Caffia, we know what impact using a high-quality office coffee maker can have, which is why only stock the best office coffee machines from the best brands.

We supply workplace office coffee machines from brands such as:

  • JuraAs world leaders in automatic coffee machine innovation, this Swiss brand is one of the biggest names in the industry.
  • GaggiaA globally recognised and respected Italian coffee brand known for its reliable bean to cup coffee machines.
  • FrankeSwiss manufacturers known for their high-quality, convenient, and innovative bean to cup coffee machines.
  • NectaWith fine Italian craftsmanship and care put into every machine, the brand offers trusted bean-to-cup coffee machines for office use.
  • MarcoThese Irish manufacturers are best known for innovative and industry-leading brewing systems and bulk brew coffee machine ranges.
  • MatrixWith a rapidly established reputation, this UK brand is well known for manufacturing reliable hot drink machines.
  • Synchro: This premium Italian brand specialises in espresso and is a great choice for anyone wanting a high-quality espresso machine in London or elsewhere in the UK.

A Commercial Coffee Machine for Workplaces of Every Size

With our vast range of office coffee machine options, we can provide businesses of every size with the perfect coffee machine for the office.

Small offices may benefit from a workplace coffee machine that has a compact footprint and can quickly make single cups of fresh coffee one at a time. Our instant and small bean to cup machines are great small office coffee solutions.

Medium to big workplaces will require large coffee machines for office use. These usually boast a higher brewing capacity, offer a wider choice of coffee specialities, and may require you to bulk buy coffee beans. A larger filter machine or bean to cup coffee machine for an office can handle more intensive work and make more than one coffee at a time.

Office Coffee Machines to Suit Every Budget

Our professional office coffee machines are priced to accommodate all budgets. With Caffia, you can buy an office coffee machine and produce the best coffee drinks without breaking the bank. Small office coffee machines are great budget-friendly options, while larger automatic coffee machines for the office are ideal for those with a little more to spend.

Rental Coffee Machines for Offices

If you're unable to commit to purchasing a new coffee machine, we offer office coffee machine lease to buy options. We also offer rentals so you can get a coffee machine hire in London or anywhere else in the UK.

Getting a coffee machine on lease for your office allows you to spread your payment over a certain time period, so you pay a monthly fee rather than one large fee upfront.

Need help deciding which coffee brewer for office use is right for your workplace? Contact our team for expert advice.

Free Installation & Training

We offer free installation on all of our commercial office coffee machines to ensure they are used as intended so that you can get the most out of your investment. We also provide your staff with free training that includes how to fill and operate your new office coffee dispenser, as well as general maintenance information.

You will also receive 600 cups worth of free coffee beans and our Caffia starter pack when you buy an office coffee brewer online. This means you’ll be set up and able to enjoy your coffee machine as soon as it’s installed in your office.

Coffee Machines for Office Use — FAQs

As experienced coffee machine suppliers in London and throughout the UK, we understand the importance of choosing the right commercial office coffee machine. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions that will help inform your purchase.

How do I decide which coffee machine to get for my workspace?

When deciding on which type of commercial coffee machine for an office is best, consider the following factors:

  • Workplace size — how many cups of coffee will your workplace require a day?
  • Space — how much office space is allocated for the machine?
  • Brewing options — do you want standard filter coffee or something fancier?
  • Milk options — do you want a machine that uses fresh milk or granulated milk?

Which coffee maker for office use is most popular?

Most businesses tend to go with our range of bean to cup commercial coffee machines for office use. This is because they are able to quickly and conveniently provide fresh coffee with little effort from the user — you don't even need to froth your own milk.

Caffia: Trusted Suppliers of Commercial Coffee Machines for Offices

As a trusted supplier of some of the best coffee machines for the office, Caffia can supply you with a coffee machine for your workplace that promises exceptional quality and capability.

With over 20 years in the industry, we have extensive experience when it comes to keeping staff and visitors refreshed with delicious, fresh coffee. Our coffee machines save time in the working day and reflect the reality that demand for quality coffee is now mandatory!

We also stock other commercial coffee makers for the office, like traditional espresso machines, as well as office coffee supplies such as fair trade coffee beans at wholesale prices.

Visit our Coffee Machine Showrooms in the UK

Have you found your choice of office coffee machines for sale online but want to try them out first?

To help you find the most suitable commercial coffee machine for your office, you can try out our workplace coffee machines from leading manufacturers in Italy and Switzerland at our Clerkenwell and Central Scotland showrooms. From coffee machines for small offices to high-output coffee makers for the office, we have a suitable machine for all your business needs.

Visit our showrooms to see our extensive range of office coffee machines in London and Falkirk, and we'll help you find the one best suited for your workplace.

Office Coffee Machines

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