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Coffee Beans for Bean to Cup Machines

A bean to cup machine uses whole beans — and Caffia’s coffee beans for bean to cup machines guarantee a consistently impeccable flavour.

Our range of coffees for bean to cup machines has been expertly roasted in the UK to capture the best flavours of each growing region.

Browse our coffee range for a variety of flavours. From our silky-smooth Crema coffee beans with a good coffee flavour through fresh milk in a caffe latte to a flat white from our Supremo, or our characterful Espresso Amazone 100% Arabica coffee beans which are Rainforest Alliance certified; Caffia has a coffee for all taste preferences.

Caffia Coffee Group offers top-quality coffee machine beans with UK-wide delivery. Shop from our coffee beans for sale online or request a quote for our coffee beans at bulk buy rates.

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The Best Coffee Beans for Bean to Cup Machines

Caffia takes pride in offering some of the best coffee beans for a bean to cup coffee machine.

A bean to cup machine houses a built-in grinder that ensures your beans are ground to perfection right before extraction. The brewing process of a bean to cup coffee machine begins with the machine grinding your selected beans. The grind setting can also sometimes be customised to fine-tune your coffee's flavour and aroma. Hot water is then injected through the freshly ground coffee to extract the flavour.

With the best bean to cup coffee beans from Caffia, your bean to coffee cup machine can reach its full potential and deliver consistently exceptional coffee.

Our Range of Coffee for a Bean to Cup Machine

At Caffia, we are dedicated to ethically sourcing our coffee from top growing regions around the world.

Caffia coffee beans are available in airtight bags or as one-shot pre-ground coffee sachets. We supply Robusta and Arabica beans with light, medium and dark roast levels, resulting in a diverse spectrum of flavours. Our fresh coffee for bean to cup coffee machines also include decaffeinated options.

Our coffee collection is meticulously curated to elevate the coffee experience of your patrons or staff, and you can expect unique flavour profiles from our exceptional selection of coffee beans for your coffee machine.

Espresso Royale Coffee Beans

Caffia Espresso Royale beans are crafted as a blend of Mochas and Brazils. This is a balanced coffee with a creamy, chocolatey body and subtle nutty notes. Espresso Royale has a medium to dark roast and is suitable for both espresso and milk drinks.

Espresso Fino Beans

Our Fino blend is crafted from sun-dried Ethiopian Mochas and velvety Indian plantation coffees. This creates a gentle and sweet yet intricate and nuanced flavour profile. As one of our light roasts, this blend of Arabica beans is great for expanding the coffee offering of your restaurant or cafe.

Espresso Supremo Beans

Caffia Supremo coffee beans are crafted for coffee enthusiasts who seek the purest flavours of nature. Our Supremo is a blend of Arabica beans that is sourced from Latin America, Kenya and India. These medium roast beans offer a delicious balance of liquorice and caramel notes.

Caffe Torelli Perla Bianca Espresso Beans

The distinctive Caffe Torelli Perla Bianca espresso beans pay homage to the Northern Italian coffee taste with a roast level slightly above medium. This blend creates an incredible balance of flavours that most people will find appealing.

Caffe Panorama Espresso Roma Beans

Our Caffe Panorama Espresso Roma coffee beans can help your business offer a delicious cup of coffee at an affordable price. With this inexpensive yet tasty blend, you can ensure customer satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Decaffeinated Colombian Beans

Want to offer your customers a full-bodied coffee without the caffeine kick? Our decaffeinated Colombian coffee consists of 100% Arabica single-origin beans with a light roast level. Cater to the needs of each and every customer with these tantalising decaf coffee beans.

Decaffeinated Espresso Grind One-Shot Sachets

Our one-shot decaffeinated coffee sachets have been designed for the decaffeinated coffee function on the Swiss-made Jura professional coffee machines.

Jura automatic bean to cup coffee machines allow you to use pre-ground coffee for added convenience. With this commercial coffee machine, you can prepare a myriad of coffee-based drinks without the need for a second grinder. Offer your customers or employees decaf options for an espresso, caffe latte, flat white, americano, cappuccino, and more, using decaffeinated pure Colombian 100% Arabica coffee.

Caffia offers coffee for every palate and pocket. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about coffee beans for bean to cup coffee machines — We'll be happy to help you find the best coffee for your coffee machine.

Sustainable Coffee: Our Ethically Sourced Beans

With Caffia, you can be sure that you're indulging in a coffee that not only boasts an exceptional taste and aroma, but also has a positive impact on the planet and the lives of coffee farmers across the globe.

If you're looking for ethical, sustainable coffee beans to buy online, you can find it with Caffia.

Espresso Fairtrade Crema Beans

Caffia's Espresso Crema Fairtrade beans are sourced from cooperatives that are fully certified by the Fairtrade Foundation.

This Fairtrade coffee is made from specially prepared Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Africa. Our Fairtrade Crema beans have a mellow taste with subtle notes of butter and chocolate. Reminiscent of Southern Italian coffees, these beans are an excellent choice for creamy milk-based drinks.

Espresso Amazone Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans

If you're in search of premium coffees with ethical credentials, Caffia's Amazone Rainforest Alliance coffee beans are an excellent choice.

Our Amazone Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee is made of medium to dark roast Arabica beans that are sourced from Brazil and El Salvador. This coffee creates a captivating, tangy flavour when brewed as an espresso, but is also suited to milk-based drinks.

Fairtrade Organic Java Espresso Beans

Our Java Organic Fairtrade coffee is a unique single-origin Arabica variety sourced from Sumatra's Aceh region. These beans have a 100% Fairtrade and Organic certification.

With a medium roast, this organic coffee offers a rich and deep body with sweet peachy and dark chocolate notes. These earthy and spicy flavoured beans pair exceptionally well with milk.

Trios Triple Certified Beans

Our dark roast Latin American Arabica bears 100% Fairtrade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance certification. These single-origin beans are roasted to perfection, bringing out the best in each and every bean.

As one of our dark roasts, Trios Triple Certified beans deliver a gourmet experience with a unique touch of nutty, fruity and floral notes.

Expand your coffee offering with sustainably sourced beans. Explore our light to dark roast coffee for bean to cup machines and buy coffee beans wholesale at Caffia.

Caffia: Wholesale Coffee Beans of the Highest Quality

As a leading supplier of coffee beans in the UK, Caffia Coffee Group is dedicated to delivering delicious coffee to businesses of all sizes.

Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do at Caffia. This starts with ensuring an ethical supply chain and includes how our beans are expertly roasted here in the UK — with catalytic converters, which significantly reduce carbon emissions during the roasting process.

Along with our collection of coffee beans, we stock top-quality commercial espresso machines, bean to cup machines, coffee vending machines, coffee grinders, and machine spare parts. Shop online or explore our commercial coffee machines firsthand at our showrooms in Falkirk and London.

Serve a rich, full-bodied flavour in every cup with great coffee at great prices from Caffia. Order fresh beans online from us.

Coffee Samples from Caffia

On the lookout for premium coffee beans to get the most out of your espresso maker or bean to cup coffee machine? Our team can help you find high-quality coffee beans for your coffee machines.

Reach out to us at for more information or for a sample of top coffee beans from our collection.

Browse Caffia's coffee beans for bean to cup machines to keep customers coming back time and again for an exceptional coffee taste and aroma — Bulk buy your coffee beans today.

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