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Organic Coffee Beans - UK

We supply a range of organic-certified coffees that are produced to full organic standards. These include 100% single-origin Latin American Arabica and Organic Java espresso coffee beans, as well as Nespresso-compatible capsules with Soil Association certification.

A growing number of consumers are becoming more concerned about the origin of their coffee beans. And with our drive for more organically and sustainably sourced products, Caffia Coffee Group is proud to meet these needs.

We are committed to providing ethically and sustainably sourced organic coffee beans in the UK. So you can rest assured that when you order Caffia coffee, you will get amazing coffee that is also gentle on the planet.

Looking for fair trade organic coffee beans wholesale in the UK? Shop online for high-quality organic coffee bags, pods, and more! You can also request a sample of our organic coffee beans to find the perfect brew for your business.

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Our Range of Organic Coffee Beans

If sustainability is a priority for your business, Caffia is the best place to buy coffee beans in London and the greater UK.

Showcasing diverse flavour profiles, roast levels, and origins, Caffia offers a carefully curated selection of organic coffee beans for bulk or wholesale order. From a rich single-origin espresso from Sumatra to dark roasted Arabica beans from Latin America, these coffee beans are organic-certified and sure to appeal to a range of coffee lovers.

While our bulk organic and fair trade coffee is a popular choice, we also offer organic coffee with other certifications. This is the selection of great coffee you can find in our organic coffee range:

Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Our Java Fairtrade espresso beans are 100% Fairtrade and Organic certified, giving you the peace of mind that the coffee you love is grown ethically and sustainably.

Our Java selection includes single-origin Arabica beans that have been grown in the Aceh region of Sumatra. Delivering a rich, deep body, and an earthy and spicy flavour after brewing, these espresso beans can be enjoyed both with milk and on their own.

Our Crema beans are sourced from Africa and India and make a perfect silky espresso. With buttery undertones and notes of dark chocolate, this medium roast offers a mellow taste that’s reminiscent of coffee from Southern Italy.

With both varieties available in 6 x 1kg bags, you can conveniently purchase these organic, fair trade coffee beans at wholesale.

Triple Certified Beans

Our Trio's Triple Certified coffee selection features 100% Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance certified, and organic coffee beans — perfect for those looking for a taste of sustainability along with a great dark roast.

When you choose these ethical Caffia coffee beans, you get pure single-origin Arabica beans from Latin America that have been dark roasted to perfection. This particular roast boasts a rich flavour that has proven to be a popular choice among varied coffee drinkers. For a large supply of amazing coffee, you can buy this RFA, organic and fair trade coffee for wholesale. However, if you’d prefer this dark roast in a smaller quantity, you can choose to purchase a single 1kg bag.

Organic Certified Coffee for all Commercial Coffee Machines

When it comes to versatility, you can rest easy knowing our organic bulk coffee beans can be used in a wide range of commercial settings and industries, such as work spaces, hotels & guest houses, restaurants & eateries, showrooms for vehicles, and even on the go coffee businesses. Our organic coffee is also compatible with various commercial coffee machines, including:

From a flat white or cappuccino at a busy restaurant to a classic americano in the office, our organic beans are the perfect match for any palate. To sweeten their coffee experience even further, why not offer your customers the option of adding hazelnut or caramel syrups?

For great coffee with a consistently rich and memorable flavour, as well as sustainable future-focused origins, choose Caffia coffee. We supply some of the best organic coffee beans in the UK from bulk organic coffee beans with a fruity flavour profile to an extra dark roast. No matter what you’re craving, our range of caffeinated and decaf organic coffee beans has you covered.

Organic Coffee Capsules

Sourced from Colombia and certified by the Soil Association, our Nespresso-compatible organic and fair trade coffee pods boast a delicious taste and rich flavour — perfect for quick and convenient cups of coffee.

Our Nespresso-compatible pods come in aluminium capsules that are fully recyclable and reusable, and each box comes with 10 organic espresso capsules.

Supply your patrons or staff with a much-needed caffeine kick with our organic certified coffees! Order online today or enquire about buying our organic and fair trade coffee beans in bulk.

Get in touch with our team if you need advice about how your commercial coffee machine will work with our organic beans or want to taste a sample before ordering our organic and fair trade coffee beans wholesale.

Organic Coffee Beans – FAQs

It’s good to be as informed as possible when purchasing organic and fair trade coffee in bulk. We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions our customers ask about our certified organic coffee beans and capsules below:

What is organic coffee?

When coffee is certified as organic, it means that 95% of the coffee is grown in organic conditions. You can enjoy your organic bean roast of choice knowing it’s been cultivated using organic farming practices. This means that the coffee beans have been grown and produced without the use of artificial fertilisers, chemicals, and pesticides.

Organic coffee is most often shade-grown rather than cultivated in the sun, as shade-growing allows for thriving ecosystems that aid in coffee trees’ growth and serve as natural pest control, removing the need for artificial substances.

What are the benefits of organic coffee?

There are three main benefits for those who choose to drink organic coffees and buy organic coffee beans online or in stores:

  1. Health Benefits: Organic coffee beans are free from pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, all of which can be harmful to your body and the environment. Organic beans also contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as the soil they are grown in is unmodified by chemicals.
  2. Protects & Supports Coffee Farmers: While drinking organic coffee is healthier for you, it is also healthier for the producers. Since there are no chemicals used in the growing and producing of the beans, farmers won't be exposed to harmful chemicals, resulting in healthier working conditions. Most organic coffee bean farm plantations are also Fairtrade certified or compliant, meaning that those who grow fair trade coffee in organic ways are being paid a fair price for their products.
  3. Supports the Planet & Environment: The methods used in organic farming are more sustainable in the long run, as the beans are cultivated in shade-grown conditions. While sun cultivation produces the highest yield and offers greater financial reward, the consequences include soil erosion, water pollution, and deforestation. Organic coffee farming reduces deforestation, which helps maintain and stabilise ecosystems. Additionally, without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, no chemicals will wash into surrounding rivers and streams to cause pollution.

What do the different organic coffee certifications mean?

At Caffia, we are proud to be organic coffee wholesale suppliers. Our high-quality certified organic coffee range boasts various certifications. Here is a breakdown of what each certification means and represents:

  • Rainforest Alliance: We offer Rainforest Alliance-certified organic coffee. Any roast with the Rainforest Alliance seal has been produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability. These pillars are social, economic, and environmental, and all coffee farms that produce our Rainforest Alliance beans are evaluated to ensure they meet the requirements in all three areas before being certified.
  • Fairtrade: Fairtrade organic coffee beans are produced by workers on farms that are certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. This organisation provides stability to these coffee cooperatives and prevents them from being exploited by ensuring they are paid a fair price for their goods and are protected from sudden price drops. These farmers also receive an extra sum of money (Fairtrade Premium) on top of their selling price to invest in the upliftment of their community.
  • Soil Association: The Soil Association is a charity that aims to transform the way we eat, farm, and care for our natural world. A Soil Association Certification is an internationally recognised stamp of approval to certify that a given farm uses environmentally friendly and sustainable organic growing methods.

Give your customers nothing but the best with our certified organic espresso beans and coffees. We supply organic coffee beans to Edinburgh, Liverpool and beyond — Buy our organic coffee beans online and ensure that every cup of coffee brewed is as good for the planet as it is for you.

Caffia: Trusted Wholesale Organic Coffee Suppliers in the UK

Caffia is a family-run business and a trusted wholesale coffee supplier in the UK with over 20 years of experience. Over the years, we have refined our market expertise in offering organic and fair trade coffee beans and more in bulk online. By providing ethically sourced Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association, and Fairtrade organic coffee at wholesale rates, we strive to make sustainable coffee more accessible to our customers.

Our offerings extend far beyond wholesale organic coffee beans for commercial coffee machines! We also sell various whole bean coffees, ground coffees, instant freeze-dried coffee sticks, cafetiere filter grind sachets, and more. With our coffee bean origins ranging from Ethiopia to Brazil, each roast has a unique taste and provides a reliable caffeine source for every palate and pocket.

And if you're looking to upgrade the coffee offerings at your workplace or business, make sure to also view our selection of commercial coffee machines — we have something for companies of all types and sizes.

Our Drive Towards Sustainability

Having been in the coffee industry for many years, Caffia has seen the challenges that coffee farmers face. We believe that everyone must do their part to protect and care for our planet, and we actively take steps to make this happen.

As suppliers of bulk organic coffee for wholesale rates in the UK, we make a conscious effort to source ethically grown beans. This dedication enables us to provide an array of coffee beans that are organic and sustainable, with the aim to achieve our carbon-neutral targets by 2030.

Our coffee roasting is also done at one of the most advanced and carbon-friendly coffee roasters currently available. We use catalytic converters to roast our beans, which absorb 92% of the carbon produced during the process. This allows us to provide you and your business with coffee that is ideal for both your brewing needs and your corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals.

For the best commercial organic coffee beans in the UK, choose Caffia! Order your favourite organic or fair trade coffee in bulk before 2pm for next-day delivery service (central/mainland UK only) or visit our showrooms to sample our coffees.

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