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Bulk Fair Trade Coffee Beans

Fair trade coffee beans are defined as beans that are traded through ethical and responsible supply chains between coffee companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries. As an experienced supplier of bulk fair trade coffee beans, Caffia offers the very best coffee — from blends to single origin speciality coffee — that is ethically sourced from all over the world.

Fairtrade coffee comes in several different types of coffee via sources certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. The sources are built on equal, long-term partnerships with co-operatives of coffee workers, including coffee growers and processors, which helps to ensure they are paid a fair price for their produce.

Our range of fair trade coffee for sale includes luxury coffee beans, as well as ethical ground coffee, instant coffees, and filter coffees.

Buy organic and fair trade coffee beans in wholesale from Caffia and do your part with every cup of coffee you make. Order online for fair trade coffee with UK-wide delivery.

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Our Extensive Range of Fair Trade Certified Coffee

When you buy fair trade coffee online from Caffia, you can be sure that our range is ethically sourced, while also being of a better quality to help optimise your coffee-making process and brew a rich, full-bodied cup every time.

With fair trade whole bean coffee, fresh decaf coffee beans, distinctive single origins, and expertly roasted blends, we have everything you need to tantalise your customers' tastebuds while protecting the environment.

Here is what you can expect from our barista fair trade coffee range:

Single Origin Fairtrade Coffee

Fair trade single-origin coffee typically refers to ethical coffee beans that are sourced from a single controlled region or farm in one country.

As part of our fair trade coffee bags range, we offer single-origin fair trade coffee such as our Trios Latin American Arabica. This type of coffee emphasises the distinctive characteristics of the region. Coffee roasters often choose a roast style that will accentuate these unique fair trade coffee bean characteristics.

Fairtrade Coffee Blends

At Caffia, we also offer blended coffees, available in a variety of forms, from fair trade coffee beans in 1kg bags to fair trade coffee sachets — all promising a great taste. These include options like our Caffia Espresso Crema Fairtrade coffee made from beans grown in Africa and India.

With a masterfully crafted combination of fair trade and organic coffee beans grown in different parts of the world, blends create a delicious cup of coffee with a perfectly balanced body of flavour.

Decaf Fairtrade Coffee

Whether you're interested in fair trade filter coffee or fair trade instant coffee brands, our range of Fairtrade coffees also includes delicious decaf coffee to ensure you are catering to every kind of customer. Decaffeinated coffee generally has at least 97% of its caffeine removed.

With both fair trade decaf coffee sachets and fair trade decaf instant coffee, the aromas and tastes may be slightly milder than regular coffee, but this depends on various factors. For customers who are sensitive to caffeine or dislike the bitterness and strong smell of regular coffee, decaf coffee is a great alternative in our range.

Triple-Certified Fair Trade Coffee

Triple-certified coffees are certified by three recognised coffee organisations, including the Rainforest Alliance, the Fairtrade Foundation, and the Organic Food Federation.

Our Fairtrade range includes both fair trade Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans and organic beans. So you can rest assured that you're consuming coffee grown by farmers who receive fair compensation for their produce and are taught how to improve their coffee production processes with sustainability in mind.

Choose Fairtrade coffee to help build local communities and look after the planet. Order organic Fair trade coffee in bulk from Caffia today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fairtrade coffee is sold online with delivery throughout the UK. Here are some common questions about our coffees and beans in this range.

What is the difference between fair trade and Fairtrade coffee beans?

As with the term 'organic', 'fair trade' is not a protected term, but rather an overarching term for the concept of trading based on ethical and fair principles.

'Fairtrade', on the other hand, relates to certification from the renowned Fairtrade Foundation. The foundation was set up to certify ethical supply chains for many different global commodities, including chocolate, coffee, and sugar.

How does the Fairtrade Foundation help coffee farmers?

The Fairtrade Foundation works with coffee-producing co-operatives around the world, supporting farmers by ensuring fair pay and building up the communities that rely on coffee production profits.

The Foundation's primary focus is to ensure the money paid to Fairtrade-certified farming co-operatives is always fair for the coffee they grow. They do this by implementing a minimum price per pound of Fairtrade coffee beans. This is in addition to the Fairtrade Premium, an amount per pound that the organisation offers to producers to invest back into their production.

This fair profit gives farmers the financial stability to budget for the next farming season, as well as for general living expenses, thereby driving sustainable development in their local communities.

Should you only buy Fairtrade coffees?

Whether you purchase Fairtrade-certified or direct-trade coffee, the important thing is that you buy coffee that has been ethically sourced.

When you buy fair trade coffee beans online from Caffia, whether fair trade coffee capsules, instant coffee sachets, or organic fair trade ground coffee, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to equitable practices. From Africa to Colombia and Brazil, we will always pay coffee producers a fair price that is well above the cost of production.

As wholesale fair trade coffee suppliers in the UK, we take our social responsibility seriously. Browse Caffia's range of Fairtrade coffee online for high-quality, ethically sourced coffees to keep your customers coming back day after day.

Caffia: Sustainable Supplier of Fairtrade-Certified Coffees

As a trusted fair trade coffee supplier with over 30 years of experience, we ensure our products are expertly selected, roasted, and blended to supply restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and caterers with only the best fair trade coffees. Our wide collection of high-quality coffee products is sourced ethically and roasted using sustainable practices.

Whether you're looking for distinctive single origins or deliciously balanced blends, Caffia is a one-stop shop for expertly roasted sustainable coffee beans with rich flavours that will not be soon forgotten.

Ready to revamp your customer experience with decadently rich and aromatic coffee? Contact us today at for a sample from our range or to buy fair trade coffee in bulk.

Fair Trade Wholesale Coffee

As fair trade coffee distributors, we offer bulk fair trade coffee beans to help businesses of every size deliver exquisite coffee experiences to their customers.

When you buy organic and fair trade coffee wholesale from Caffia, you'll get reliable and quick delivery to ensure you meet your daily demands without worry. Enquire about our fair trade coffee beans at wholesale prices to save on your next order.

Discover the perfect type of Fairtrade coffee for your business needs with Caffia. Order online today for bulk organic fair trade coffee beans in the UK!

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