Ground Coffee Sachets & Bags

Ground coffee is used in our professional cafetiere coffees which are a coarse grind, as well as portioned sachets of finer ground coffee for both 3 pint pour over filter brewers and bulk brewer coffee machines. We also stock coffee sachets for espresso and bean to cup machines, along with large bags of ground coffee that can be used with commercial espresso coffee machines.

If you’re looking for ground coffee in bulk buy quantities that your customers, clients and staff will love, Caffia coffee is sustainably sourced from coffee farms around the world and carefully roasted here in the UK by expert roasters to ensure you get a smooth, rich cup of coffee every time.

Our ground coffee collection includes 500 bags of pre-ground coffee and portioned sachet packets in quantities ranging from 7g to 170g. Caffia coffee is available in wholesale quantities with a box of 12 500g bulk coffee bags for commercial espresso machines, 100 8g coffee sachets for commercial bean to cup machines, 30 170g sachets for bulk brew machines, and more.

Create an account for free to order bags or sachets of filter & espresso ground coffee from Caffia and ensure you get a quality cup of coffee every time. Orders placed before 2pm are despatched on a next-day service*.

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Coffee Convenience: Fresh Ground Coffee in Sachets & Bags

Ground coffee in a bag is a staple in commercial and corporate settings alike because they are convenient, but ground coffee sachets are the true epitome of coffee convenience. Packed into portion sized sachets that can produce a single serving of coffee or up to 5 litres in a bulk brew machine, using sachet coffee improves productivity, reduces wastage, and ensures greater consistency.

Buying ground coffee sachets and fresh ground coffee in bags is a cost effective and convenient way to provide customers or staff with quality coffee in pre-measured & packaged portions.

Applications & Usages

The versatility of pre-ground coffee in sachets and bags is that it can be used in a wide range of settings and industries. Coffee sachets are useful in commercial and office environments such as:

    • Offices
    • Showrooms
    • Workplaces & Boardrooms
    • Cafes
    • Coffee bars
    • Pubs
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Golf clubs & Leisure facilities

Traditional Espresso Machines

Help customers or employees get their caffeine fix with espresso brewed from freshly ground coffee beans for an espresso machine. Whether it's for a hotel, restaurant, coffee bar, pub, or even a corporate office with an in-house barista, our pre-ground coffee for an espresso machine has been carefully ground and tightly sealed to ensure you get deliciously fresh coffee.

We stock caffeinated and decaf ground coffee for espresso machine use.

Bulk buy ground coffee for your espresso machine online from Caffia.

Bulk Brew Coffee Machines

Buying ground coffee in wholesale quantities and using it in a batch brew machine is a cost effective and convenient option if you need to produce large quantities of fresh filter coffee quickly. Commercial batch brew coffee machines are great for corporate offices, hotels, universities, event venues, and of course, catering & event businesses. In office settings, these commercial coffee machines can be used to produce large batches of fresh coffee for meetings, corporate events, and day to day use.

Caffia stocks commercial bulk coffee brewers that can make up to 6 litres of coffee in a single batch.

Filter Coffee Machines

Our filter ground coffee sachets and bags are extremely versatile and work with various types of commercial coffee machines, including pour-over, drip, and filter. We stock freshly ground coffee for filter machines such as the Marco flask coffee brewer that will work well in a canteen, cafe, or office, and the Marco bulk brew coffee machine that is a worthwhile investment for an events or catering business.

Order ground coffee for commercial bulk brew and espresso machines from us to experience the convenience of sachet coffee and quality of Caffia coffee. We deliver across the UK.

Our Range of Ground Coffee

When you buy bulk ground coffee in the UK from Caffia you are getting coffee from some of the top coffee growing regions in the world. Our collection includes single origin coffee and blends from Africa, Central America, and South America that provide a sensory experience across roasts.

Available in practical portion-sachet format for easy use with coffee brewers, Caffia coffee sachets allow you to make various coffee drinks without the need for measuring or a grinder. You will also find 100% Colombian Arabica coarse ground coffee for cafetieres in sachet form in this collection.

Coffee for Every Palate & Pocket

The Caffia ground coffee range has been carefully curated to suit all types of palates and budgets.

You will find delicious blends such as a Colombian/Costa Rican Arabica blend that boasts a mellow rounded body with a ripe, fruity acidity and a Colombian/Brazilian Arabica blend with a typical Dutch/German taste profile of a rounded flavour with clean bright acidity and a medium nutty body.

Our single origin coffee includes our signature 100% Colombian Arabica coffee that is great for all day drinking; Rainforest Alliance El Salvador Monte Sion Arabica single origin coffee that makes a good after dinner coffee; and Kenyan Arabica with a distinctive citrus acidity that is ideal as a breakfast coffee.

We also stock organic fair trade ground coffee and decaf ground coffee for coffee machine use.

Quality Coffee Beans

Caffia coffee is known for being tasty and offering a quality brew. We get this right by sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans from famous coffee growing regions like Colombia and roasting them right here in the United Kingdom by expert coffee roasters to get the perfect medium roast and darker roast profiles that our customers love.

Whether you need espresso machine ground coffee in 500g bags or 50g sachets of coffee for commercial filter machines, our coffee offers a smooth, rich flavour profile and quality brew, every time.

Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance Coffees

When it comes to ethically produced coffee, the Fairtrade Mark is the most recognisable label in the coffee industry. You will find this label, and the Rainforest Alliance label, on various coffees in our selection because Caffia is committed to upholding the ethical fair trade standards set by fair trade organisations.

Our coffee beans are also roasted with catalytic converters that absorb 92% of the carbon produced during the roasting process and our roasters are B-corp, bronze level of investors in the environment. So when you buy Fairtrade ground coffee online from Caffia, you are choosing coffee that supports farming families and is kind to the environment.

We stock fair trade decaf ground coffee and caffeinated ground coffee.

Buy ground coffee in bags online or request a quote for a wholesale order of Caffia coffee sachets.

Caffia Coffee: Buy Ground Coffee in Bulk Online

Caffia creates unique coffee experiences your customers, clients, and staff will love.

Whether you need bulk buy ground coffee in Glasgow for a commercial espresso machine at a coffee shop, ground coffee for a professional coffee machine at a golf club in Southampton, or bulk coffee bags or sachets for a filter coffee machine at an office in London, our goal is to help businesses create unique coffee experiences for their customers and employees by providing high-quality ground coffee beans for coffee machine use in bulk online. We also stock espresso coffee beans for commercial coffee machines.

Caffia is a trusted name in the coffee industry in the United Kingdom and well known for stocking delicious coffee and dependable commercial coffee machines from trusted coffee brands such as Franke, Jura, Synchro, Gaggia, Crem, Esprezzi, Marco, and Necta.

Our exceptional after-care support is also one of the reasons why our customers trust us as their ground coffee suppliers in the UK.

We deliver wholesale ground coffee across Glasgow, Scotland, and the rest of the United Kingdom. We also have showrooms in Falkirk and London.

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Get in touch with one of our coffee experts at 01324 617618 (Falkirk) or 0203 096 7233 (London) and we will happily advise you on the best commercial coffee machine and coffee for your needs.

*Central/Mainland UK only

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