Caffia Balmoral Blend Filter Coffee Sachets 45 x 50g

Balmoral Blend filter coffee is a darker roast blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees for a rich and rounded after-dinner flavour. A favourite and well-priced 50g filter coffee product that is packed in 45’s with 50 filter papers in each case. Caffia filter coffees are in practical portion-sachet format for easy use with coffee brewers.


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The Caffia filter coffees range offers an abundant choice of quality taste profiles for breakfast coffee, office meetings, conferences and after-dinner use. Caffia filter coffees are packed in 45 x 3 pint sachets with filter papers in each box.

Filter Coffee Brewing Tips:

Filter coffee offers a refreshing brew at any venue or time of day. To make great filter coffee use the correct amount of freshly-drawn cold water in your brewer and never re-use or re-heat the coffee. We suggest coffee is discarded after about 45 minutes on the hot plate with a glass jug brewer.

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