Caffia Mochatalia Cafetiere Grind 12x500g

Mochatalia blend coffee for cafetiere is a coarse ground French press coffee which offers a rich, distinctive and smooth and rounded dark roasted taste which is very popular with cafetiere coffee users in offices, hotels and B & B’s. Mochatalia blend contains a clever mix of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and carefully developed grind that delivers a memorable cup for breakfast, coffee break or after-dinner drinking.

Using a cafetiere or French press coffee maker is a very simple and easy way to prepare a hot and comforting mug of coffee; it also allows some of the sediment from the ground coffee to come through the gauze and allows a richer and fuller body of brew – without quite having the concentration of an espresso.

One frequently asked question with cafetieres is how do I prepare the best coffee? We suggest that you pre-warm the glass cafetiere with a little hot water before measuring out, after that measure out a scoop of French press coffee per cup that you wish to serve (ie: 3 scoops for 3 cups) it is possible to maybe add 1 more scoop ‘for luck’ and if you would like it to be stronger, add freshly boiled hot water and stir. Wait for 3 or 4 minutes before slowly depressing the plunger to confine the grinds and pour out the coffee to enjoy!

This coffee is packed in 12 x 500g for users who prefer to measure out their cafetiere grind coffee. Buy it online here for quick and easy delivery to your door.


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