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One Cup Coffee Bags - Buy Coffee Bags Online

Caffia Coffee Group’s one cup coffee bags are an excellent choice for offices and commercial spaces.

They work similarly to teabags with a choice of fresh roasted ground coffees in a special 100% compostable BioWeb coffee bag and nitrogen flushed within a foil sachet for freshness.

Leave to stand in a mug of hot water, then squeeze the bag and take it out — you now have a cup of fresh coffee that will give you that boost you need to face the day. Our one cup coffee bags are also available loose in re-sealable pouches as below.

Buy coffee bags online from Caffia today for convenient door to door delivery across the United Kingdom. Have questions about our coffee products? Email us at

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The Convenience of One Cup Coffee Bags

One cup coffee offers complete caffeine convenience and is perfect for every palate and pocket. Whether you need wholesale one cup coffee sachets for an events venue or a bulk order of one cup coffee bags for an office, Caffia's one cup coffee bags can be used in a wide range of commercial and corporate settings. We offer coffee bags with bulk buy options across the United Kingdom.


A one cup coffee bag allows you to offer great quality coffee with none of the fuss whether you need a premium selection of coffees for a hotel, conference venue, or corporate office.

The ground coffee is contained in 100% compostable coffee bags that are similar to tea bags so you don't need to worry about any mess with coffee grinds or their impact on the planet.

These single serve coffee bags are perfect for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, showrooms, retail stores, event venues, meeting rooms, and various other commercial & corporate settings.

Ready to give your customers the gift of convenience and quality coffee? Order online from our range of coffee bags for sale or get in touch for custom coffee solutions tailored to your needs.

A Carefully Curated Coffee Range

Caffia's ground coffee bags contain premium coffee that's been sourced from some of the best coffee regions in the world to ensure a quality coffee experience every time.

Fairtrade Colombian Coffee Bags

Ethically sourced from Colombia's sunny coffee heartlands, our medium roast fairtrade coffee range boasts the characteristic citrus acidity and fruity flavour profile that Colombian coffee is famous for. You may even detect notes of caramel and chocolate when sipping on this medium bodied brew.

These fresh ground coffee bags are available in packs of 20, 50 and 100, making them perfect for businesses looking for bulk buy coffee bags in convenient pre-portioned sachets.

Decaffeinated Coffee Bags

Decaf coffee bags are an essential part of any kitchen if your staff or customers enjoy being able to have an afternoon or evening cup of joe without the caffeine kick that accompanies caffeinated coffee.

These individually wrapped packets of fresh ground coffee beans have a rich aroma that bursts with incredible notes when adding freshly boiled water. Who knew an instant mug of decaf coffee could be this good? Our delicious decaffeinated one cup coffee bags are available in packs of 20, 50, and 100.

Want to buy bulk coffee bags for your business? Email us at for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coffee bags the same as instant coffee?

No. Although coffee bags are similar to instant coffee in that they are super easy to use without any commercial machinery, this isn't your average cup of coffee.

Instant coffee goes through a myriad of processes before being poured into a box or tin, so it will never have the rich taste or decadent texture of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Caffia's ground coffee in a bag, on the other hand, is made from pure, fresh ground coffee beans that have been put straight into the coffee bag without undergoing any processes to affect the strength or flavour.

A cup of coffee made with our ground coffee bag will taste like it came fresh out of the machine so you get all the convenience without having to compromise on quality.

Caffia: A Trusted Coffee Brand in the UK

Caffia Coffee Group is a commercial coffee machine supplier with over 20 years of experience providing commercial and corporate clients across the United Kingdom with bulk coffee bean orders and industrial coffee machines from top brands like Jura, Franke, Esprezzi, Gaggia, and Crem.

The Caffia coffee range includes 8 different types of coffee, all of which are produced sustainably by roasting the beans in catalytic converters that absorb 92% of the carbon produced during roasting.

We also stock a wide range of coffee supplies and disposables that will complement your fresh coffee bags nicely, such as sugar sticks & milk pots and compostable cups & lids.

Buy ground coffee in bags online for quick UK delivery or visit our showroom in Falkirk or London to see our range of commercial coffee machines up close and discuss your coffee needs.

More than Just an Online Store

Once you've made a purchase from Caffia Coffee Group, our exceptional customer service doesn't stop there. If you buy a commercial coffee machine from us you get a free starter pack and free installation & training to ensure your staff know how to make the perfect brew. We also offer nationwide support.

If you can't afford the cost of a new coffee machine, we offer a lease-to-buy option that helps you get the coffee equipment you need when you need it without the hefty upfront payment.

Ready to experience coffee with Caffia? Request a sample of our coffee bags today or call us on 01324 617618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (England) for a custom coffee solution.

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