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Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines with Fresh Milk

Some of many advantages of commercial bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk are the ease of use, consistency, high-quality fresh ingredients, and excellent end results time after time.

Machines like the Franke A600 and Jura Giga offer this consistently reliable performance for both office and catering settings. In the video below, we show you a coffee machine with fresh milk in action so you can see the ease and speed for yourself.

Browse our commercial coffee machine collection or email us at with any queries about our coffee bean to cup machines.

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Our Range of Fresh Milk Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Caffia offers a range of bean to cup machines for commercial use that work with fresh milk to deliver delicious coffee every time. Our collection is curated to fit different industry and budgetary needs, so you are sure to find the perfect commercial bean to coffee machine for your needs with us.

Efficient and effective for large-scale coffee production, these commercial fresh milk bean to cup machines are also simple to use for your whole team. From a hot and creamy latte to a froth-capped brew, anyone can be their own barista at the touch of a button with one of these incredible coffee makers.

This is what you can find in our collection:

Top Brands You Can Trust

Caffia is a source of the world's best brands when it comes to commercial coffee machines. So if you're looking for a high-quality commercial bean to cup coffee machine with a milk tank, you've come to the right place.

We have commercial coffee machines with milk components from industry leaders like:

  • Gaggia: An Italian brand of immense tradition that takes pride in the art of high-quality coffee production.
  • Franke: A Swiss expert in industrial coffee machines, Franke is renowned for its eco-friendly options and their advanced commercial bean to cup coffee machines.
  • Jura: A staple among commercial automatic bean to cup machines, Jura is justifiably celebrated for its Swiss-founded excellence.
  • Necta: Another Italian maestro with a long history of innovation, these machines offer high-volume convenience and efficiency.

If you're unsure of the right fresh milk bean to coffee cup machine for you, chat to our experts for some advice on the brand and model that will suit your needs best.

Fresh Milk Bean to Coffee Machines for Your Industry

Are you unsure if your unique coffee needs fall under the umbrella of a commercial machine? Whether you run a corporate office with thirsty employees or a cozy guesthouse with caffeine-craving patrons, there's no doubt you'll want to serve them the best possible product.

Here are a few examples of places where these commercial bean to cup coffee machines with milk are best used:

  • Hotels and guest houses with high traffic
  • Offices, workplaces, co-working spaces and boardrooms
  • Retail environments and showrooms
  • Golf clubs, clubhouses and other leisure places

While establishments like artisanal coffee shops and restaurants place great importance on the indulgence of their coffee craft — determining how long the shots pull for and carefully shaping the latte art themselves — this isn't the case for most businesses, hospitality establishments and retail companies. If you require speed and ease but do not want to compromise on the quality of your coffee, a commercial coffee machine using beans and fresh milk is what you should consider.

Whether you're after a bean to cup coffee machine for the office or multiple catering bean to cup coffee machines for a hotel group, we can help.

Bean to Cup Machines for Every Budget

A fresh milk professional bean to cup coffee machine doesn't cost as much as a traditional espresso machine — although it can certainly deliver the fresh hot coffee expected from such a machine.

The fresh milk coffee machine in our bean to cup range vary in price and features, and are available to buy outright as well as to lease (with the option to take ownership after the lease period). Leasing a bean to cup coffee maker can save a new business money initially while helping them establish a foothold in their enterprise.

For great value, great flavour and great service, choose Caffia. Request a quote for your preferred machine today.


Read some of the commonly asked questions about this variation of a bean to cup coffee machine with a milk compartment.

How is a commercial bean to cup coffee machine with milk different from one without milk?

In terms of the general operation and mechanics, a fresh milk coffee machine in this design is not vastly different to a normal automatic bean to cup coffee machine without a fresh milk compartment.

Just like a normal bean to cup automatic coffee machine, machines with fresh milk offer a fast and consistent result without the need for a barista's expertise. Both machines have built in grinders (so you don't have to spend on standalone coffee grinders as you would for an espresso machine), and this means that the ground coffee used to make each cup is as fresh as can be. So a bean to cup with milk — real, fresh milk — adds so much to the flavour and overall experience.

This type of coffee bean machine generally has an integrated milk frother so that your speciality drinks have the fine or textured foam on top that is so loved by all. Instead of mixing water with powdered milk as a normal unplumbed or plumbed in bean to cup coffee machine would, the milk is extracted from a separate fresh milk compartment and perfectly mixed in with the right amount of freshly brewed coffee based on your chosen settings.

The result is an easy to use bean to cup coffee machine that ensures the freshest ingredients, truly, from bean to cup.

How do bean to cup coffee machines with milk compare to other types of commercial coffee machines?

If you're comparing espresso, bean to cup, and filter coffee machine varieties, the choice comes down to the commercial application, as well as the personal taste of the staff or clientele. In this case, these are all coffee machines that use fresh milk.

An espresso maker is the more traditional option, used in cafes and coffee shops where coffees are a major selling point. Filter machines, on the other hand, are generally used in small to medium office settings and certain catering and hospitality environments.

A commercial bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is the perfect middle ground between these two. Versatile, convenient, and easy to use, this can serve as a bean to cup cappuccino machine for all sizes of offices, from boutique to corporate, as well as in guesthouses and restaurants.

Does the milk go sour in the machine compartment?

This type of bean to cup commercial coffee machine generally has a milk fridge attached, or a milk compartment with a cooling element to keep the milk at the right temperature. While this preserves the milk, in a high-volume environment, it is often used up really quickly anyway.

Some of the machines in the Jura Giga range that we offer have a milk container capacity of up to 4 litres, which makes it perfect for such fast-paced settings.

Is a commercial coffee machine with fresh milk easy to clean?

Every commercial coffee bean to cup machine we have on offer comes with training on everything from the operation to the cleaning.

Some of the more high-end machines, like certain models from Gaggia and Jura, even have a simple one touch milk cleaning system programmed into the machine.

Caffia: Trusted Commerical Coffee Machines & More

When it comes to finding the perfect bean to cup coffee machine for commercial setting, Caffia is an expert with 20 years of experience in the world of commercial coffee. Whatever your trade or industry, we can help you find the right fit for both your palate and your pocket.

Each of the commercial bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk that you find in our collection was chosen for its quality and precision in delivering the brew our customers are looking for. Put this together with our expert advice and UK-wide servicing and you've got the full package.

With a commercial fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine from Caffia at your place of business, you'll never fail to satisfy a client or employee with a fast and perfectly delicious product every time.

Order Wholesale Coffee Beans for your New Bean Coffee Machine

You can order your coffee machine with coffee beans for the ultimate convenience.

We have the perfect commercial coffee machine for coffee beans, as well as the perfect beans for every machine! Browse our selection of ethically sourced Caffia coffee beans and order in bulk to save on your monthly costs.

You also get a free starter pack when you order a Necta, Franke or Jura coffee maker with milk compartment from Caffia.

Visit our showrooms in central London and Falkirk to test our commercial bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk and see the various models and their features firsthand.


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