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Commercial Bulk Brew Coffee Machines

Commercial bulk brew coffee machines prepare a large batch of fresh filter coffee of 6 to 40 litres in size to suit the needs of large hotels, universities, stores, or conference venues.

Stylish, convenient, and easy to maintain, a bulk brew coffee machine from Caffia Coffee Group delivers consistent, well-balanced coffee to handle the demands of high-volume working environments.

To serve your customers a steaming cup of coffee with an exceptional taste and the unique brewing profile of filter coffee, browse Caffia’s collection of reliable and easy-to-use bulk coffee brewing machines for commercial use.

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What is a Bulk Coffee Brewer?

A commercial batch brew machine, also known as a bulk brewer coffee machine, is a specialised coffee maker that is designed to streamline the coffee brewing process in high-demand settings.

Cost-effective, time-efficient, and requiring little to no expertise to use, bulk brewer coffee machines produce consistently delicious coffee in bulk in the corporate world and catering industry alike.

How a Bulk Brew Coffee Machine Works

A commercial bulk brew coffee machine is easy to use. Simply fill the machine with water (unless your model has a plumbed connection), place coffee grounds in a filter, and initiate the brewing process at the press of a button.

The bulk coffee maker will heat the water to just the right temperature and pour it over the coffee grounds, consistently extracting a full-bodied flavour. The bulk brewed coffee then flows into a large urn or dispenser that can keep coffee hot for hours on end.

Caffia's advanced bulk brew coffee machines are perfect for quickly and efficiently making a cup of delicious coffee for staff, customers, and guests in fast-paced environments. Browse our wholesale coffee and machine collection online to find the right commercial coffee machine for your needs.

Our Range of Commercial Bulk Brew Coffee Machines

Caffia supplies an extensive range of high-quality commercial bulk brew coffee machines to help you find the perfect option for the unique needs of your business. And, if your commercial coffee needs are only short-term or you’re not sure which machine is ideal for your needs, you can conveniently get a  commercial coffee machine for lease in the UK with Caffia.

Are you looking for compact bulk brewing machines to make bulk instant coffee for the office? Perhaps you want robust batch brewer coffee machines with a bulk coffee dispenser for a busy dealership or hotel. With our selection of top-notch filter coffee machines, you can anticipate nothing less than excellence in every cup.

This is what you can expect from our collection of commercial coffee brewer machine models:

Reliable Bulk Brew Machines for a Variety of Uses

An excellent choice for fast-paced businesses that prioritise convenience without wanting to compromise on the quality of their coffee, bulk brew machines can make a large quantity of coffee in minutes so that you can serve multiple people easily. Some of our machines can brew almost 200 cups per hour.

The ease-of-use, consistency, and high-volume capacity of a commercial coffee batch brewer means that this workhorse is often used in catering environments, including restaurants, hotels and canteens, as well as business settings like offices, conferences and other corporate events.

Set yourself up for success with Caffia's selection of professional-grade bulk brew coffee machines, available with comprehensive after-sale support.

The Latest Advancements from Leading Coffee Brands

As experienced wholesale coffee suppliers in the UK, we understand the importance of being able to trust the expertise behind your machines. We stock commercial bulk brew coffee machines from leading brands in the coffee industry, as seen in our Marco coffee machine range.

One of the key features of bulk coffee brewers is their ability to maintain consistent brewing temperatures and extraction times to ensure a uniform flavour profile in every cup. Some of the machines that we supply in our Marco coffee brewer range offer advanced brewing mechanisms, with models capable of pulse brewing to ensure optimal saturation of the coffee grounds and extraction of flavours.

Other innovative features to look out for in our collection of bulk brew coffee machines include intuitive touchscreen interfaces and various dispensing options for convenient and efficient service for your staff or clients. Look out for models that feature the added versatility of a hot water tap, providing instant access to hot water for various other purposes, like tea and hot chocolate.

Easy to Operate, Clean & Maintain

When you buy or lease a commercial coffee machine from Caffia, you get only the best. Our bulk brew coffee machines offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. With intuitive controls and clear instructions, these machines can be operated by anyone.

Our commercial bulk brew coffee machines feature accessible components that can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The brew basket, urn, and other removable parts can be quickly rinsed or washed, preventing any residual flavours in the subsequent batch. Regular descaling procedures are also simple to follow, allowing you to effortlessly keep your coffee equipment in optimal condition.

Bulk brew machines offer hassle-free maintenance and convenient operation to ensure a consistently full-bodied and aromatic flavour in every cup. Order online from Caffia today and get a coffee machine for commercial lease, rental, or purchase.

Caffia: Trusted Suppliers of Bulk Brew Machines in the UK

With expertise spanning more than two decades in the coffee industry, we have assembled a selection of premium-quality coffee equipment sourced from trusted brands. We also stock a wide array of top-tier coffee products sourced sustainably and ethically from various corners of the globe and expertly roasted right here in the United Kingdom.

Whether you're in search of a batch coffee brewer that is suited to a bustling retail environment or an office setting, you are sure to find the ideal bulk coffee machine for your business with Caffia.

Finding the perfect commercial bulk brew coffee machine for your business is just a click away with Caffia. Request a quote for a batch coffee machine today — we offer UK-wide delivery and service.

Visit our Showrooms in Falkirk or London

If you're in the market for a high-capacity batch brew coffee machine in the UK, pay a visit to our coffee equipment showrooms located in Falkirk and central London.

Here you can explore our extensive range of commercial espresso machines, bean to cup machines, and batch brew coffee machines, and get advice from our knowledgeable coffee experts. Alternatively, we can also arrange an on-site visit or virtual demonstration.

Get in touch with us at 01324 617618 (Falkirk) or 0203 096 7233 (London).

Venture to our coffee machine showrooms in Falkirk and London and experience the exceptional performance of our commercial bulk brew coffee machines firsthand.

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