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For high quality, ethically sourced decaf coffee in the UK, choose Caffia Coffee Group as your commercial coffee supplier.

Browse our collection of decaffeinated coffees, spanning fresh ground filter coffees, espresso beans, one cup coffee bags, Nespresso compatible decaffeinated coffee capsules and decaf instant coffee in single cup sticks.

Caffia coffee is for every palate and every pocket. Email us at for an obligation-free quote to buy our decaf coffee in bulk or for advice on the coffee that’s right for you.

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Our Range of Decaffeinated Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee

We offer various decaffeinated (i.e. caffeine free) coffees for use with commercial coffee machines and in large-scale settings. Whatever delivery method you use for your daily brew, our decaf coffees ensure that any cup of coffee you serve your customers or staff will not disappoint.

Some of our decaf coffee options include:

  • Decaffeinated espresso coffee beans
  • Decaffeinated espresso coffee grinds
  • Decaf cafetiere coffee sachets
  • Decaffeinated instant coffee (single cup sticks)
  • Nespresso compatible decaf espresso coffee capsules (decaf coffee pods)
  • One cup coffee bags

Order decaffeinated coffee bags from Caffia, available in various sizes for businesses large and small.

Made for Various Types of Commercial Coffee Machines

The type of commercial coffee machine or office coffee machine that you use determines the form of coffee needed for it. We stock decaffeinated coffee for the following types of machines and more:

If you're unsure of whether caffeine-free coffee beans or ground coffee will be better for your setup, get in touch with our expert team for advice.

Designed for Many Different Applications & Environments

We supply decaffeinated coffees and decaffeinated coffee beans in the UK to various types of establishments based on their unique needs. Our customer base includes:

  • Offices and corporate workplaces
  • Catering and event venues
  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs
  • Showrooms and retail environments
  • Golf clubs and other recreational and leisure spots

If you stock coffee, either for your clients or your staff, your offerings are only complete if you've got a decaf option. We can help you with this, with our decaffeinated beans and coffees for commercial settings.

Available in Small to Large Quantities

We cater to companies of all sizes, including those who need to buy decaf coffee beans in bulk, as well as those who only require small amounts at a time.

Our decaf coffee bags include everything from decaffeinated coffee beans in 1kg bags to packs of 100 individually wrapped one cup coffee bags. Our bulk decaf coffee beans are also available already ground as 12 bags of espresso grind (500g each).

If you need more than 6 bags of decaf coffee beans (1kg), contact us for more information about our wholesale rates for high-volume orders.

Decaf Coffee FAQs

Most companies only consider decaf coffee beans and products if there is a demand among customers or employees. Read some common questions about decaf coffee to gain a better understanding of this type of coffee and why it is good to always keep in stock.

What is the difference between decaf coffee and regular coffee?

The main, most important difference between decaf coffee and regular coffee is the caffeine content of each cup of coffee. Decaf has trace amounts, which is less likely to affect those who are sensitive to caffeine like normal full caffeine coffee might.

How much caffeine is in a decaf coffee?

A decaffeinated cup of coffee only has about 2mg of caffeine in it; while regular coffee can have around 95mg in a cup.

Does decaf coffee taste very different from regular coffee?

When coffee is decaffeinated, the aim is to retain the rich and creamy flavour that people love about regular coffee.

Just like with normal coffees, the whole bean is used in the decaffeination process. And so, as with all coffee, the taste comes down to the quality of the beans. The main difference is that coffee beans in decaf are usually darker in colour, while the difference in taste is a lot more subtle — and therefore, hardly noticeable.

What are the benefits of drinking decaf coffee?

Many people switch from regular to decaf coffee for personal or health reasons. This is because it includes the health (and flavour) benefits of regular caffeinated coffee, but without the side effects experienced by those who are sensitive to high caffeine volumes.

The Caffia coffee range includes both decaffeinated and normal varieties — ensuring great coffee for all. Shop online today to ensure you're fully stocked up on everything you need to keep the coffee flowing at your business.

How are coffee beans decaffeinated?

There are various methods of making decaf coffee, most of which involve water or a mixture of water and solvents. One popular decaffeination method is called the Swiss water process, and many of our decaf coffee capsules are decaffeinated in this way.

As with regular coffees, decaf coffees begin their life as unroasted green coffee beans. To make these coffee beans decaf, they are soaked in a liquid that can dissolve or remove most of the caffeine.

If you have more questions about the Swiss water decaf process or about decaf beans in general, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Caffia: Decaf Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee Supplied by Experts

We have over 20 years of experience and have become a trusted brand, working with well-established companies and roasters throughout the UK.

Whether you buy a full caffeine blend or a bag of Columbian coffee beans in our decaf collection, you can be sure that you are only getting the best. We sell sustainable coffee, working with roasters who are B-corp, bronze-level investors in the environment and offering ranges of ethical coffees that are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance certified and organic.

Over and above our delicious Caffia coffee, we also supply commercial coffee machines of all levels from top international brands like Franke, Gaggia, Crem, Jura and Esprezzi.

UK-Wide Service & Delivery

Whether you purchase 1kg decaf coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, decaffeinated instant coffee or decaffeinated coffee pods, we can deliver to your premises anywhere in the UK.

For advice on what decaf coffee beans or commercial coffee machine is right for your business, chat to our coffee experts. We also have showrooms where you can sample our products:

  • If you're looking for commercial coffee machines or decaf coffee beans in Scotland, please visit our showroom in Falkirk or call us on 01324 617618.
  • For the decaf coffee beans in UK, we have a showroom located in Clerkenwell, London. Alternatively, you can call us on 0203 096 7233.

Order online from Caffia today for some of the best decaf coffee UK!

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