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Commercial Coffee Vending Machines

Commercial coffee vending machines are a convenient way to save time in fast-paced settings. As trusted commercial coffee machine suppliers in Glasgow and throughout the UK, Caffia Coffee Group stocks high-quality coffee solutions to make your life easier.

Rather than waiting for kettles to boil or spooning coffee into a mug, you can enjoy fresh coffee at the press of a button. Use your own cup and indulge in a delicious bean-to-cup espresso, caffe latte or hot chocolate. Perfect for everywhere from convenience stores to large offices, we source reliable coffee machines from leading brands like Necta, Jura, Franke and Gaggia.

Our convenient lease-to-buy service also means you don’t have to purchase your new machine outright. Rather, you can opt for a coffee vending machine rental in the UK and spread out your operating costs over a 3-year period.

For more details on our self-service models or to buy a coffee vending machine, contact us via or visit our Central London or Falkirk showroom.

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Reliable Machines from Trusted Coffee Machine Brands

As a leading commercial coffee machine supplier, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, high-quality products. We stock only the best coffee vending machines from trusted brands that are known for their superior quality and durability.

No matter the demand, you can rely on our industrial coffee machine vending range for peak performance. Get in touch with our team for advice on the right coffee vending machine brand and model for your business needs.

Our Coffee Vending Machine Range

Caffia offers a variety of all-in-one coffee vending machines with innovative features like automatic milk foaming, over or under-counter milk fridges, large water tank capacities, and coffee bean grinders. When buying a hot drinks machine for your workplace or business, you can expect the epitome of convenience from our range of coffee vending machines.

With both large and compact models available, this is what you can expect from our selection of tabletop hot drink vending machines:

Coin & Cashless Payment Options

Looking for a coin coffee vending machine or a coffee vending machine with a card reader? Our comprehensive range means you’ll easily be able to find a coffee machine with a payment system to suit your needs.

We’ve expanded our cashless coffee vending machine options to include fintech (financial technology) solutions from the likes of Vianet and Nayax. These convenient cashless options are powered using Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity.

With various payment methods available, getting a high-quality cup of coffee from your vending machine will be easier than ever before.

High Daily Outputs

With daily capacities ranging from 80 cups to 250 cups, we always have the perfect vending coffee machine for sale to meet your output requirements. While smaller businesses may prefer low-volume bean to cup coffee machines, we also stock models that make two cups of vending machine coffee at a time for maximum efficiency in high footfall areas.

You should always look out for enhanced features when buying a coffee vending machine for your office or business. For example, some of the machines in our range come with:

  • Two coffee grinders and bean hoppers to provide both caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks
  • A separate hot water outlet for preparing tea or soup
  • Milk fridges with capacities of up to 12-litres

Choose hot drink vending machines that cater to a variety of applications. Lease or buy a bean to cup coffee vending machine from Caffia today. 

Conveniently Low-Maintenance

Our coffee dispenser machines feature state-of-the-art vending solutions. These make the process of supplying high-quality drinks as efficient and convenient as possible.

For example, select coffee vending machines boast the following:

  • Milk frothing options
  • Separate milk steaming alternatives
  • Milk cleaning systems to ensure optimal hygiene levels.

With automated cleaning programmes, our instant coffee machines are also ideal low-maintenance solutions for busy businesses. Our selection of fresh coffee vending machines for sale includes models with modern internal cleaning systems. You can effortlessly initiate cleaning with the touch of a button, giving yourself one less thing to worry about at the end of the work day.

Easy-to-Use Commercial Coffee Machines

With the touch of a button, a bean to cup vending machine can deliver a high-quality coffee in a matter of seconds.

To make it even easier for visitors to select their beverages of choice, some of our automatic coffee vending machines feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces with modern TFT displays. They often include configuration pages, allowing you to change the available options you deliver to suit different workplaces or business needs.

Want to see what our commercial vending coffee machines are capable of but don't have the time to visit our showroom? Book a convenient virtual demo with one of our passionate coffee experts.

Caffia Coffee Group: Embracing the Art of Coffee

Caffia is a family-run coffee company with over 30 years of industry experience. We believe exceptional coffee should be accessible to everyone and aim to provide top-quality, ethically sourced coffee for every palate and pocket.

As a leading coffee vending machine supplier, we stock some of the best commercial coffee vending machines for sale. We also offer convenient UK-wide delivery, meaning you can order your coffee machine in London, Glasgow or anywhere in between.

Looking for high-quality coffee vending machine supplies? Browse our broad range of ingredients, including fresh coffee beans and vending hot chocolate.

Free Installation and Barista Training

As commercial coffee vending machine suppliers who put our customers first, we offer free installation of our coffee machines, as well as an exclusive barista training service. We go above and beyond to ensure that you and your staff are fully equipped to produce quality drinks with your new machine.

Visit Our Showrooms

Experience our complete range of coffee vending machines at our London or Falkirk showrooms. Visit now to see our commercial and industrial coffee machines in person and speak to one of our coffee experts about your specific requirements.

Satisfy your budget and business needs with Caffia’s range of bean to cup coffee vending machines in the UK. Call us on 0132 461 7618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (England) for more information or request an obligation-free quote.


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