Coffee suppliers London-based Caffia Coffee Group offer a wide range of the best coffee beans for espresso and fresh filter coffees in vibrant branded packaging – ask for a sample or visit our London Coffee School and commercial coffee machine showroom in Gee Street, Clerkenwell, close to Old Street roundabout, Shoreditch and Barbican.

Let us guide you through the wonderful world of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans as your coffee supplier London with our 16 blends and pures, the detail of grind settings for cafetiere, filter coffee and artisan organic espresso and the ethical trading supply chain of small batch roast Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance coffees and Organic coffees – we offer it all..

Espresso Coffee Beans London

One of our most popular blends is Caffia Espresso Crema coffee beans which are a mellow and rounded blend of specially prepared coffees from India and Africa that are typical of the Southern Italian taste with softness and hints of butter and chocolate yielding a classic ‘velvet swallow’ and an excellent taste in flat white or caffe latte.

Espresso Crema Coffee Beans

Caffia Coffee Group espresso coffee beans reflect our years of experience and mastery of complex blends and roasts ensuring you the perfect taste every time. Delivering the ‘velvet swallow’ espresso with a taste profile to match your exact aspirations takes a carefully crafted range of coffees, barista confidence through training and good coffee equipment.

You can rely on Caffia Coffee Group for all three.

Espresso Trios Triple-Certified Coffee Beans

Our Espresso Trios beans are a pure single-origin Arabica coffee with 100% Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification from Honduras, it is a favourite with London offices after the best coffee supplier and also with farm shops in Hertfordshire.

These espresso coffee beans are roasted to perfection ,a little darker than some; this is the ultimate gourmet choice in ethical espresso beans which is very popular across a broad range of customers. Caffia espresso coffee beans reflect our years of experience and mastery of complex blends and roasts ensuring you the perfect taste every time. We have a total of 6 other blends of espresso beans.

Filter Coffee Supplier London

Our range also has 8 types of filter ground coffee in portioned sachets packed with basket filter papers for double jug coffee machines; the coffees that we offer include Traditional Blend, South American Blend, El Salvador Rainforest Alliance certified and Fairtrade Colombian/Costa Rica which is very popular as an office coffee product for London and the south east and a key part of our coffee supplier London portfolio of fine coffees.

Did you know?

Coffee is one of the largest traded commodities in the world; second only to oil in size; over 20 million people around the world work in the global coffee trade! Green raw coffee beans and spices were traditionally landed in the London Docklands and Wapping area and roasted there as well.

We also supply and install a range of commercial espresso and bean-to-cup coffee machines from brands like Franke, Bravilor, Jura and Crem espresso machines:

Professional Espresso Coffee Machines

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