Caffia Decaff Cafetiere Sachets 100 x 15g

Our Decaffeinated 2 Cup Sachets of cafetiere coffee are high quality ground French press coffee with a smooth and rounded taste. Popular with cafetiere coffee users in offices, hotels and B & B’s, this carefully developed product delivers a memorable cup of pleasant decaffeinated coffee

Using a cafetiere or French press coffee maker is a very simple and easy way to prepare a hot and comforting mug of coffee; it also allows some of the sediment from the ground coffee to come through the gauze and allows a richer and fuller body of brew.


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Without having the power or concentration of an espresso-based coffee, the decaffeinated 2 cup coffee sachets are in handy 15 gram portioned sachets with Colombian 100% Arabica coffee coarsely ground for cafetiere use.

This format is simply Ideal for portion control and consistency in a busy catering outlet, these cafetiere sachets contain exactly the correct amount of coffee to make a small 2/3 cup cafetiere in a tearoom or coffee shop and are the perfect product for fresh coffee in hotel bedrooms.

Now in smart and striking red branded packaging, why not ask us for samples of this product to try for yourself? We offer quick delivery all over the United Kingdom by next day courier.

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