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Jura Coffee Machine Parts & Accessories

Jura is a Swiss make of automatic bean to cup coffee machines which needs little introduction. Caffia Coffee Group proudly stocks an extensive range of these commercial coffee machines and spare parts.

Our selection of Jura coffee machine parts and accessories encompasses everything you need to kit out your drip trays, milk frothers, and more.

Choose Caffia to easily buy replacement parts online for your Jura commercial coffee machine — we stock Jura parts for the JX8, JX10, X8 and Giga models.

Call us on 01324 617618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (England) for advice on which Jura replacement parts will work for your machine.

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Jura: Premium Machines, Spare Parts & Accessories

With simple operation and stunning design, this Swiss brand makes a statement with its premium range of automatic coffee machines. When it comes to the quality of both the machine and the drink, you can't find much better.

The global success of the Swiss-made Jura coffee machines range is thanks to the remarkable texture of milk foam and the consistent espresso coffee quality that is brewed by these automatic commercial machines. Both the preparation of classics — such as a ristretto, cappuccino, flat white, or caffe latte — and the cleaning of these commercial coffee machines are easy, simple and fast.

While the durability of a Jura coffee machine is notable, there may come a time when parts need to be replaced or accessories need to be added. This is especially true within the commercial industry where the turnover of coffee production is so high. Caffia stocks a vast assortment of Jura coffee machine supplies and parts to help you maintain your commercial coffee machine with ease.

Browse our Jura coffee machine accessories and spare parts online or visit our showroom in Falkirk or London for in-person advice based on your coffee machine model number.

Our Range of Jura Coffee Machine Spare Parts & Accessories

At Caffia, we simplify the process of upgrading or replacing your commercial coffee machine parts.

Find all the Jura coffee machine spares, supplies and accessories you need for your machine model in our comprehensive collection:

Jura Milk Frother Parts

Our range of Jura spares covers the various components of your machine's milk frother, ensuring a seamless replacement.

We have everything from milk-to-frother connectors to twin outlets and beautiful branded frother covers. And with individual sections of the milk frothers available (such as the top, middle and bottom), you can replace the exact Jura spare parts you need instead of replacing the entire frother, which may work out more costly.

Jura Milk Container Parts

Certain Jura coffee accessories, like the milk hose, may need more regular replacing. For example, with regular use, it's recommended to replace milk hoses once every three months. However, with commercial usage and dozens of specialty milky coffees being made on a daily basis, you may want to replace your milk hose more frequently to maintain good hygiene and industry-standard cleaning practices.

You may also be looking to replace or purchase a new universal milk fridge container or a container for milk system cleaning. Whatever you need, we have all the necessary milk container parts for your Jura bean to cup coffee machine.

Jura Drip Tray Parts

Drip trays catch excess water or coffee during coffee production, keeping your coffee space clean and easy to maintain.

The search for the exact drip tray part you need doesn't have to be complicated. Browse our selection of Jura supplies to find everything from drip tray bottoms to the cup grill, and even the drip tray metal contacts.

Jura Coffee Maker Parts

There are a host of other products from Jura coffee makers that might need replacing at some point. You can order these Jura parts with UK-wide delivery from Caffia.

We stock replacements for both the left and right-side coffee outlets for your Jura coffee machine. Other Jura coffee machine replacement parts we offer include coffee grounds bins and rubber inserts, coffee grounds pans, non-plumbed water tanks, decaffeinated lids, and air-suction spare parts.

Order Jura coffee machine spare parts in the UK at the click of a button or email us at for advice.

Caffia: The Coffee Company You Can Trust

With over 20 years in the industry, Caffia is known as a trusted supplier of high-quality coffee beans and commercial coffee machines. We supply coffee products to various businesses, including coffee shops, retail spaces and hotels.

We supply a wide range of commercial coffee machines from leading global brands like Crem, Franke, and Necta. Over and above our Jura accessories and parts, we also have spares for coffee machines for other types of machines or brands, such as our replacement espresso machine parts.

Visit our showroom in London or Falkirk to see our products up close or call us for free advice on which Jura parts to buy.

A Wide Range of Coffee for Your Jura Machine

Ready to order your Jura spare parts? With UK delivery available on all orders (mainland only), why not add some coffee beans to your cart before you check out?

We provide eight unique types of coffee, including organic, fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified beans. This means that when you pair your Jura machine with Caffia coffee beans, you're not just serving coffee that's good for the palate, but that's good for the planet, too.

Our coffee beans are roasted in the UK to ensure we provide the highest quality coffee with a consistently exceptional flavour. We offer a vast variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated options, allowing you to enhance your coffee offering according to the preferences of your patrons or staff.

Caffia is your go-to solution for delicious coffee, reliable coffee machines, and spare parts — Order your Jura coffee machine parts online today.

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