Caffia Decaff Espresso Grind One-Shot 100 x 8g – Special Grind for Bean-to-Cup Machines

This one-shot decaffeinated coffee sachet is especially formulated for use with the decaff coffee function on Jura Professional Coffee Machines – a Swiss make of automatic bean to cup coffee machines that include an ingenious ability to use pre-ground coffee so that you have the flexibility to make espresso, caffe latte, flat white, americano or cappuccino using decaffeinated pure Colombian 100% Arabica coffee without using a second grinder or the other various methods of offering decaff to your customers.


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Simply take one of our carefully researched and tested 8g one shot sachets of decaffeinated, open the flap on the top of your Jura Giga coffee machine and pour it in, the Jura coffee machine does the rest and you have the perfect and exact amount of coffee to cater to the increasing demand for decaffeinated speciality coffees! No longer any need to serve decaff instant coffee!

A great product, good quality, well-priced, convenient and consistent, this new decaffeinated on-shot sachet is available now and in stock

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