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Commercial Coffee Grinders

The first step in the process of pulling the perfect shot is precision grinding to ensure you are consistently grinding your beans to a grind size that suits your machine and brew method. A commercial coffee grinder ensures you get the grind perfect every time.

An essential tool in the hands of baristas who increasingly prefer grind-on-demand models, our commercial coffee grinders are used in conjunction with traditional espresso machines in cafés, hotels, and restaurants.

At Caffia, we stock professional coffee grinders for highly efficient & uniform grinding. Order online today to ensure you get a great cup of coffee every time. You can also visit a Caffia coffee equipment shop in London or Falkirk to see our grinders in person.

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Our Commercial Coffee Grinder Range

Caffia stocks an extensive range of coffee grinders for commercial use that offer a perfect synergy of innovative grinding technology and impressive features such as on-demand dosing and large hoppers for high quantity demands. An automatic coffee grinder from our collection can be trusted to get your baristas through busy periods completely hassle-free.

Whether you're looking for a compact digital coffee grinder for an espresso machine or a heavy-duty silver commercial bean grinder for a drip machine, you will find it in our professional coffee bean grinder collection. We deliver, install, and provide free training.

You will find 2 main types of grinders in our commercial coffee grinder machine range: blade and burr grinders.

We've outlined their advantages and uses below to help you decide which may be better suited to your business.

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade grinders have a propeller-style blade that chops up coffee beans. They are typically accompanied by a built-in timer. The longer it is on, the finer the grind of the coffee.

Producing a more variable grind and picking up more static charge compared to burr grinders, this type of industrial coffee grinder machine is a good option for a drip machine, pour over, or French press brew methods that require a course grind.

Burr Coffee Grinders

A commercial burr grinder has two toothed discs (or burrs) that the coffee beans are milled through into a uniform size. The grind size can be adjusted according to the extent of the gap between the two discs or burrs — the wider the gap, the coarser the grind.

Commercial espresso grinders typically have burrs. A burr commercial espresso grinder is perfect for an espresso machine as they produce a more consistent and uniform particle size.

Extracting at a consistent rate is key to making good quality coffee, which is why it is an essential step for baristas who want to get the best out of the beans and consistently pull the perfect shot.

Scale up your output with our robust and reliable industrial coffee grinders. Buy a commercial coffee grinder online at Caffia for UK wide delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between dosers and on demand grinders?

A doser espresso coffee grinder holds the ground coffee in a chamber and the barista manually disperses the coffee into the portafilter. Although dosers are the more affordable option, dosers tend to create more mess and there is a higher risk of the coffee going stale if your ground coffee is left in the dosing chamber for more than a couple of minutes.

An on-demand professional coffee grinder machine grinds directly into the group handle without the use of a dosing chamber. Exact dosing is possible at the press of a button. Although they are slightly slower to dose, the upside of a commercial on-demand coffee grinder includes greater accuracy, fresher coffee, and less wastage. Baristas can usually pull more consistent shots with an on-demand commercial coffee grinder.

If you're looking for an efficient and fast coffee grinder machine for commercial use in a café or restaurant, a coffee grinder with on-demand features is a perfect fit.

How do high speed and low speed grinders differ?

Measured in RPMs, grinding speed has an effect on the extraction process and, ultimately, on the coffee's taste. Low-speed grinders have a lower RPM, which means less heat buildup and static, but it takes longer to brew.

With larger motors and higher RPMs, high-speed grinders have a faster flow rate and usually create a more consistent grind size but can also produce more noise and heat. Coffee beans that get too hot when ground can create bitter-tasting coffee.

Still not sure if an automatic coffee grinder for commercial use is right for you? Get in touch or visit one of our showrooms to talk to one of our coffee experts.

How often do you need to clean coffee grinders?

Regularly cleaning your coffee grinder machines will significantly improve the taste of the coffee you brew and ensure the longevity and performance of your new grinder. However, the frequency of cleaning depends on how often it is used. A machine that is used every day for large volume orders, in a busy takeaway coffee shop for example, would need to be cleaned more often than a machine in a golf club where it isn't used as much and by as many people.

Cleaning burr or blade grinders once every two weeks is a simple and straightforward process that doesn't take long but is worth it in the long run.

What are the benefits of using a commercial grinder for coffee beans?

The quality of the coffee brewed is highly influenced by the uniformity of your grind. Uneven grinds disrupt the flavour of the coffee grounds, so using the wrong grind size for your coffee machine can result in bad coffee, wasted beans, and disgruntled customers.

Investing in a good quality commercial coffee bean grinder machine scales up your operations to meet higher demands while grinding the beans at low temperatures and creating less static to ensure the ground coffee doesn’t clump together.

The end result is that baristas can enjoy better control of the brewing process, allowing their skills and the coffee’s distinct flavour & strength to shine and your business to boom.

At Caffia, we have a trusted commercial automatic coffee grinder range for businesses of any size. Order online for UK wide delivery.

Caffia Coffee Group: Leading Commercial Coffee Equipment Suppliers in the UK

With over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, Caffia is committed to reliable and durable commercial equipment that is designed to help businesses of any size and budget create exquisite coffee experiences for their customers.

We stock a wide collection of high-quality coffee equipment from trusted coffee brands such as Crem and Macap. Whether you are looking for a single espresso bean grinder for a speciality coffee shop or bulk coffee grinders for delicious coffee made quickly and efficiently for a busy restaurant, there is a commercial coffee grinder for sale at Caffia that is perfect for your needs.

Shop Caffia's range online to find the perfect automatic commercial coffee grinder for your business needs. Whether you're looking for coffee equipment in London or Falkirk, we can help — We deliver UK wide and offer free installation.

Visit our Professional Coffee Machine Showrooms in the UK

If you're looking for a high-quality commercial coffee grinder in the UK but don't know which model will suit your unique needs, why not visit our equipment showrooms in central London or Falkirk?

You can see our coffee bean grinders for yourself and speak to one of our highly informed coffee experts to get a better idea of what you need to ensure you can serve coffee your customers will love and keep coming back in droves for.

Shop online from Caffia today or visit our showrooms in London & Falkirk to browse and test out our commercial coffee grinders in person.

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