Catering Coffee Machines

We install catering coffee machines in pubs, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels to make superb espresso, caffe latte or flat white drinks.

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Self Service Or Staff Operated

Discover coffee machines for self-service with fresh milk or powdered milk as well as 2 group espresso coffee machines and coffee grinders, instant coffee machines and water boilers. Please call 01324 617618 to discuss further.

Would Rental Work Better For You?

Catering coffee machines can be a considerable investment so why not talk to us about coffee machines to lease rent plans or visit one of our two showrooms to try them out for yourself?

Every coffee machine that we supply is installed with an appropriate water filter, a free case of coffee beans and barista training for catering staff to ensure the coffee making is top-notch and how to clean the equipment.

Catering Coffee Machines

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