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Commercial Catering Coffee Machines

Set your business apart from the rest with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and other hot drinks made by a coffee brewing machine from Caffia.

As leading commercial coffee machine suppliers, we offer a range of catering coffee machines that are perfect for all catering establishments, from pubs and coffee shops to restaurants and hotels.

Whether you require catering bean to cup coffee machines or bulk brew filter coffee makers, you won’t be disappointed with what we have on offer. With options from leading brands like Jura, Gaggia, Franke, Schaerer and more, you’re sure to find a high-quality catering coffee machine that’ll produce a superb cup of espresso, caffe latte, or flat white every time.

Meet the demands of your customers with exquisite coffee from Caffia’s range of exceptional coffee machines. Browse our collection online or visit our showrooms in London or Falkirk to find your perfect machine.

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Our Range of Catering Commercial Coffee Machines

We go above and beyond to ensure our range of catering coffee machines for sale or lease includes options that can meet the unique needs of your business. One way that we do this is through working with well-established coffee brands such as Marco, Crem, and Esprezzi.

This diverse selection from world-class manufacturers means you have access to all the latest and greatest industrial coffee machines and their must-have features. Whether you're after the high cup capacity of a Gaggia bean to cup coffee machine or the convenience of a catering filter coffee machine, our range has your perfect option.

From commercial coffee machines with over and under-counter milk fridge options to automatic milk foaming and all-in-one systems, this is what you can find in our collection:

Heavy Duty Coffee Equipment

To function efficiently within the catering industry, your catering equipment and coffee machine needs to work just as hard as you do. Our range of industrial coffee machines offers the following to provide you with suitable equipment to brew top-quality coffee:

Traditional Espresso Machines

Our traditional coffee machine options will allow your baristas to pull perfect shots and craft exquisite cups of coffee that your clientele won't soon forget. Our catering espresso machine range includes 2-group and 3-group models — all designed to keep up with high-volume demands without compromising quality.

We also offer more compact traditional espresso machines for environments where space may be limited.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Streamline your coffee-making process with our selection of catering bean to cup coffee makers. With our commercial bean to cup machines, you can provide your customers with superior-quality coffee, all at the touch of a button.

We supply state-of-the-art one-cup coffee makers as well as two-cup machines to help you find the machine that best suits your catering needs. Some of our commercial bean to cup coffee machines also have built-in cup warmers to ensure that your coffee is always ready to be served.

Filter Coffee Machines

We offer commercial filter coffee machines with catering coffee pots and flasks as well as bulk brew options. These work great for corporate coffee catering, making delicious coffee that goes a long way.

Our range offers consistent performance, letting you focus your attention on more important matters instead of whether or not you or your guests receive great-tasting coffee.

Please note: Some of our filter coffee machines do not come with catering coffee flasks included, but flasks are available for purchase separately.

Hot Chocolate Machines

Our catering hot chocolate machines help you provide your customers with luxury hot chocolates and speciality drinks without the long wait.

With compact sizes and high-volume output, our selection features trusted brands and models that are up for any challenge.

Hot Water Boilers

Our commercial hot water boilers provide easy access to boiling water, saving you the time, trouble and energy of continuously having to boil the kettle. Our catering hot water flask and boiler machines are perfect for catering environments that offer self-service tea and coffee-making stations, helping guests make their hot drinks without the wait.

We supply industrial hot water boilers in stylish compact designs with high-capacity outputs, all providing perfectly boiled water when you need it.

Coffee Grinders

Using whole coffee beans is a must if you want to provide your customers with deliciously fresh caffeinated hot drinks — and it all starts with the right grinder.

Our commercial coffee grinders perfectly grind your beans on demand, improving the quality of your coffee offering and leaving your guests satisfied.

Touchless or Coin Operated

Caffia goes above and beyond to keep customers coming back for more. To do this, our range of commercial coffee machines for catering environments also includes touchless and coin-operated options.

Our touchless bean to cup machines are a true testament to modern technology, allowing staff or guests to easily make a speciality cup of coffee via the touch of a button.

Our coin-operated bean to cup coffee makers provide the convenience of being able to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee after hours, as these easy-to-use machines don't require the need for a staff member or barista to be present.

High Daily Outputs

To meet high-volume demands, it's essential that a commercial coffee machine for the catering industry can match varying paces. Quick brewing times reduce waiting periods and allow you to serve customers faster — a must-have when you are very busy.

Caffia's range of commercial coffee machines is specifically designed for the fast-paced catering space. Our commercial coffee brewers boast high daily output capacities, ensuring that all guests are able to receive their favourite caffeinated drinks on any given day. Some models have a daily rate as high as 250 cups per day!

With the high-volume litre capacity options offered by our commercial coffee machines, you won't need to constantly refill tanks during a busy shift. Built-in coffee grinders ensure your coffee is brewed using the freshest grind, while multiple bean and chocolate hoppers ensure you constantly have a diverse range of drinks on offer.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning a coffee machine can be quite a time-consuming task. But, unfortunately, if left uncleaned, your coffee machine won't operate at its best.

Caffia's commercial coffee makers for catering applications are easy to clean and offer hassle-free maintenance. Many of our machines come with integrated cleaning systems, such as automatic back flush programs, CleanMaster milk cleaning systems, fully automated coffee and milk cleaning cycles, and more!

Innovative Technology

In our range, you can find catering bean to cup commercial coffee machines equipped with the latest and greatest technology to make your coffee taste even better.

Treat your customers to coffee with hot, textured milk using the FoamMaster™ milk system and BestFoam™ milk system found in many of our options. And for greater consistency in milk frothing, choose to add the AutoSteam Pro separate steam arm to your bean to cup catering machine.

Easy to Use

To ensure your coffee-making process is as streamlined as possible, our commercial coffee machines and additional catering equipment feature easy-to-use operating systems. Here are some of the ways the coffee machines in our range can make your coffee-making experience more user-friendly:

  • Touch screen interfaces
  • Digitally operated grinders
  • Live temperature readings

Self Service Or Staff Operated

Caffia offers both self-service industrial coffee machines as well as staff-operated options to help you find the perfect commercial coffee machine for your business.

Our self-service commercial coffee machines are available as touchless or coin-operated devices and are compatible with both fresh and powdered milk. Our staff-operated models include espresso machines with and without grinders, filter coffee machines, and water boilers.

Every coffee maker for the catering industry that we supply is installed with an appropriate water filter and a free case of Caffia coffee beans. We also include barista training for catering staff to ensure the coffee-making is top-notch and they know how to clean the equipment.

Think you've found the perfect coffee maker for your catering needs? Contact us for a no-obligation quote that includes free advice from our team of experts.

Would a Rental Work Better For You?

A commercial catering coffee dispenser can be a considerable investment, so why not talk to us about renting a commercial coffee machine on a lease-to-buy agreement? Before committing, you also have the option of visiting one of our two showrooms to try our machines out for yourself.

If you have any questions about our lease-to-buy option, coffee catering supplies, or any of our commercial coffee machine offerings, please call us on 01324 617618 and we'll be happy to discuss further.

Caffia Coffee Group: Trusted Industrial Coffee Machine Suppliers

As a leading coffee brand with over 20 years of industry experience, Caffia is a trusted commercial catering coffee machine supplier in the UK. Our industrial coffee maker range includes bean to cup coffee machines, traditional espresso machines, and filter coffee machines. Whatever your business needs, we're sure to have the perfect machine.

We also supply commercial businesses with wholesale coffee beans in a variety of roasts to further ensure that you brew top-quality coffee every time. Our coffee selection includes eight types of beans from various parts of the world that have been expertly roasted here in the UK. Choose between sustainable catering coffee beans, filter or espresso grinds, freeze-dried instant coffee, and more.

The correct installation of the coffee machine for your catering business is crucial to meeting the demands of your customers. This is why we offer commercial coffee brewer installation across the UK as well as service cover and extended warranties for up to three years.

Found your perfect catering coffee maker? Contact us for a no-obligation quote and complimentary advice from our team of coffee experts.

Visit our Coffee Machine Showrooms

To view our extensive range of commercial coffee machines in person, visit our showrooms in Falkirk or London. You'll be able to receive in-person advice from our coffee experts, hands-on demos, and samples of our coffee consumables.

Book a virtual demo or visit one of our showrooms today to view our comprehensive selection of catering coffee machines for commercial use up close.

Catering Coffee Machines

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