Caffia Colombian Cafetiere Sachets 100 x 15g

Caffia Colombian cafetiere sachets are 2 cup portion coffee sachets are handy 15 grammes portion sachets of pure Colombian 100% Arabica fresh coffee which is coarsely ground for cafetiere use.

Ideal for portion control and consistency and offering choice and style, these cafetiere sachets contain exactly the correct amount of coffee to make a small cafetiere in a hotel bedroom, tearoom or coffee shop – we also offer a handy decaffeinated version.


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Colombia is a huge grower of quality washed Arabica coffees and is very fortunate to have topography, 2 growing regions and a climate that is near the equator.

Colombian coffee is the the most widely drunk single-origin Arabica coffee in the world; it has been carefully grown and harvested on mountain slopes and inland plateaus for centuries where it begins it's long journey to your cup via shipping, roasting and packing to best capture the world-famous nutty and mild flavour..

Packed in smart and striking red packaging, why not ask us for samples of this product to try for yourself?

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