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Coffee Machines for Restaurants

When it comes to crafting the perfect cup of coffee that delights your patrons, having the right equipment is paramount. Your restaurant coffee machine can easily become the most profitable piece of equipment in your restaurant.

As leading coffee suppliers for restaurants, our wide selection of commercial restaurant coffee machines delivers expert craftsmanship to ensure that every brew is a masterpiece.

In addition to our coffee machine offerings, you’ll benefit from our full barista training service, quick delivery, Fairtrade coffees and friendly advice when you choose Caffia Coffee Group as your commercial coffee machine supplier.

Call our Central London or Scotland showrooms to try our cutting-edge range of espresso coffee machines and automatic bean to cup coffee machines for yourself.

Expand your restaurant’s coffee offerings beyond instant coffee with Caffia’s exceptional range of coffee machines for restaurants. Contact us for a quote today.

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Explore Restaurant Coffee Machines From Leading Brands

As trusted restaurant coffee suppliers, we know that top-quality coffee requires innovative commercial coffee machines from the top brands in the coffee industry. In our selection, you'll find barista coffee machines and equipment from leading coffee machine brands, including Franke, Macap, Crem, Esprezzi, Marco, Synchro, and more!

Whether you want a sophisticated Franke bean to cup coffee machine or a restaurant-quality espresso machine from Esprezzi, our range offers diverse and innovative restaurant coffee equipment to help you create memorable dining experiences for your clientele.

Our Commercial Restaurant Coffee Machines & Equipment

Caffia offers an array of industrial coffee machines that cater to the unique needs and daily coffee demands of restaurants and coffee shops. Whether you're seeking the versatility of a traditional espresso machine or the convenience of automatic bean to cup machines, our selection has you covered.

This is what you can find in our collection of restaurant coffee machines for sale or lease.

Traditional Espresso Machines

Looking for the ultimate espresso coffee machine for a restaurant or coffee shop? Caffia’s wide selection of professional espresso machines boasts the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Our traditional espresso machines for restaurants are the key to crafting exquisite coffee and creating lasting impressions for your customers. Every restaurant espresso machine for sale in our range has been designed to meet high-volume demands while ensuring uncompromised quality. The brands we stock perfectly combine precision engineering with robust builds to guarantee a quick and easy commercial coffee-making process every time.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Are you after easy-to-operate cappuccino machines for restaurants? Our innovative commercial coffee makers for restaurants offer convenience without compromising on quality.

Expand your restaurant's coffee offerings while streamlining the coffee-making process with Caffia's commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine range. These advanced coffee machines for bars and restaurants will impress patrons with consistently superb drinks that are available at the touch of a button for fast and easy service.

From rich cappuccinos and creamy lattes to indulgent hot chocolate drinks and velvety flat whites, you can offer an extensive range of speciality coffees with an automatic coffee machine for restaurants from Caffia.

Filter Coffee Machines

Experience quick coffee brewing at its best with Caffia's efficient restaurant coffee brewer range.

Whether you're serving a bustling breakfast crowd or a lunchtime rush, investing in a commercial filter coffee machine for your restaurant can help you produce large batches of flavorful coffee quickly. The consistent performance of our commercial filter coffee machines means your customers will truly get a delicious cup with every pour.

Commercial Coffee Grinders

Want to elevate your restaurant’s coffee game with the freshest brews? Fresh coffee starts with the right coffee grinder — an indispensable asset for any restaurant aiming to serve aromatic perfection.

Fine-tune your offerings with Caffia's heavy-duty coffee grinder selection boasts commercial coffee equipment with digital and on-demand options, auto-stop features and sleek designs.

Order coffee grinders online from Caffia to ensure that every cup you serve has the rich flavour and enticing aroma that only freshly ground coffee can provide.

Impress your customers with perfect cups of coffee every time. Browse our range of commercial coffee machines for sale in the UK to find the best industrial coffee machines for your restaurant.

Restaurant Coffee Machine FAQs

Want to know how our commercial coffee machines can help you level up your restaurant? Browse our frequently asked questions for help finding the best restaurant-quality coffee maker for your business.

How do I choose the best commercial coffee machine for my restaurant?

It can be a real challenge to decide on the best coffee machine for your coffee shop, bar or restaurant. Each business is different, and the same machines are not suitable for every environment. When shopping for the perfect commercial coffee machine for your restaurant, it’s key to consider the following factors.

  • Budget: Start by defining the budget you have to buy a coffee maker for your restaurant. Once you’ve established this, you can begin to sift through the options that fall within your price range.
  • Coffee offerings: It’s important to consider the type of coffee your restaurant will serve. Does your client base favour classic espresso shots, indulgent cappuccinos or simple and strong filter coffee? Based on this, you can find a commercial espresso machine, bean to cup restaurant cappuccino machine, or batch-brew coffee maker to suit your needs.
  • Anticipated output and capacity needs: Do you need a high-volume commercial coffee machine a London establishment that caters to multiple regulars each day? Perhaps you have fewer patrons and will manage with just a simple cappuccino machine for your restaurant. By having a good idea of your anticipated output, you can ensure you choose a coffee machine to handle your daily coffee demands without hassle.
  • Space constraints: The size of your restaurant in relation to its coffee demands is an important factor. For instance, a large espresso machine for a restaurant,  featuring 2 or 3 group heads, is perfect for larger establishments, while a tabletop bean to cup machine might work better for smaller eateries.
  • Training and maintenance: Determining the level of automation required based on your staff capacity will help in choosing between a bean to cup coffee machine and a traditional espresso machine for your restaurants. We have options with accessible parts and automatic cleaning systems. We also offer barista training to ensure your staff know how to get the most out of your new machine.
  • Aesthetics: Commercial coffee machines with sleek, cutting-edge designs can drastically enhance your restaurant's ambience to bring more customers through your doors.

Explore Caffia's range of state-of-the-art coffee equipment to find the best commercial coffee machine in Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK to elevate your restaurant's coffee experience.

What can I expect when buying a restaurant coffee machine from Caffia?

As a dedicated restaurant coffee supplier, we take immense pride in offering comprehensive resources and customer support alongside our commercial coffee equipment to help your restaurant flourish.

  • A restaurant-grade coffee machine from our selection will come with free installation, operational and maintenance training, and coffee beans to start off your collection of restaurant coffee supplies.
  • Our dual-hopper bean-to-cup coffee machines come with hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee to help you expand your hot beverage options.
  • Our traditional restaurant espresso machines come with free installation and training, as well as a barista pack that includes milk frothing jugs and other essential tools for crafting impeccable espressos and speciality coffee-based drinks.

Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about what’s included in our coffee starter packs.

Can I lease a commercial coffee machine from Caffia?

Yes, you can. As leading commercial coffee machine suppliers, we understand that high-quality coffee machines are a big investment. Keeping this in mind, we offer lease-to-buy plans for commercial coffee machines in London and throughout the UK.

Our commercial coffee machine leasing option allows you to spread the cost of your machine across a 36- or 60-month (3- or 5-year) period. By renting a commercial coffee machine in Glasgow or elsewhere, you can save on upfront expenses and continue to invest in other aspects of your business.

How should you maintain professional coffee machines in restaurants?

Whether you've got one small-scale restaurant professional coffee machine or multiple commercial coffee machines for a  Manchester-based establishment,  effective cleaning is essential.

A daily cleaning, followed by a weekly dismantling and deep cleaning, will remove any residue to help you serve better-tasting coffee. Routine services are also a good idea to enhance the durability of your restaurant coffee maker. Your exact maintenance routines will vary based on the type of industrial coffee machine you have.

While manual cleaning will work for a bulk-brew coffee machine or restaurant coffee dispenser, advanced bean to cup and instant coffee machines feature automatic cleaning programs that should be run at the end of each day. Commercial espresso machines typically feature automated cleaning systems for inner components, while manual cleaning is needed for the steam wand and portafilters.

Ready to unlock your restaurant’s true potential? Buy or lease an industrial coffee machine from Caffia today. Get in touch with us if you need help choosing from our range of restaurant coffee makers for sale online.

Caffia: Leading Restaurant Coffee Machine Supplier in the UK

If you're seeking an industrial coffee machine for your restaurant in the UK, choose Caffia. We are reputable restaurant coffee providers with over two decades of experience. Our professional coffee machines include 2-group and 3-group espresso coffee machines and grinders, automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines and bulk-brew commercial coffee makers.

We supply businesses of all sizes and industries with commercial coffee machines and wholesale coffee beans in the UK. Our selection of wholesale coffee for restaurants includes over 8 coffee types, from Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance beans to freeze-dried instant coffee and other types of coffee grounds.

Besides our range of high-quality beans and commercial coffee machines in the UK, we also offer the following additional coffee solutions for restaurants.

You can also keep up to date with the latest coffee trends through our insightful newsletter — Subscribe today!

Reach out for a no-obligation quote that includes complimentary advice from our coffee experts. You can also subscribe to our insightful newsletter to keep up to date with the latest coffee trends. 

Bulk Coffee Beans in the UK

Do you want to buy premium coffee beans from wholesale suppliers you can trust? At Caffia, we are proud to supply wholesale coffee beans in London and the rest of the UK.

Our range of bulk-buy coffee beans includes Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic-certified options. Choose Caffia as your coffee bean suppliers for wholesale discount rates that help you save money while offering incredible coffee.

Visit our Coffee Machine Showrooms

Whether for a restaurant or hotel, the importance of a coffee machine for increasing profits cannot be understated. To experience our incredible espresso machine and bean to cup machine range for yourself, visit our commercial coffee machine showrooms in Falkirk, Scotland or London, England.

If you can't make it to our state-of-the-art coffee showrooms in London and Falkirk, you can also book demonstrations of professional coffee machines or coffee tastings at your site. We travel extensively to help clients, supply barista training, and install machines.

Book a WhatsApp video demo or visit our coffee machine showrooms in London, England or Falkirk, Scotland, to experience the expert craftsmanship behind our commercial coffee machines for restaurants.

Coffee Machines For Restaurants

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