The classic Italian design flair in the looks of commercial espresso coffee machines from the Royal Synchro stable remains timeless, eye catching, and suitable for any décor and environment.

Synchro espresso coffee machines come in several formats and colours from racing red to pure white or metallic black coloured classy back and side panels which can have high group head handles for good clearance using large paper cups for takeaway.

There is a compact and full size 2 group with 8 litre and 14 litre boilers respectively and also a 3 group-head handles model available for busier sites.

Some Key Points The Synchro Offers

1) A hulking presence on the bar that has sales potential that probably exceeds that of an automatic robotic bean to cup coffee machine from the visual point of view.

2) Rugged build quality, less to go wrong, and reliability. At 40 plus kilogrammes to lift you get a sense of the strength of this machine!

3) The opportunity to hand-craft really great coffee, however, the lack of automation means that baristas must be consistent and careful.

While this is all great news there are some points to consider around choosing an espresso coffee machine equipment package. Principally these are that: 1) Speciality coffees can be ruined by a bad barista and 2) That this equipment is sensitive to limescale or ‘hardness’ in the water supply and can be very expensive to repair if it becomes scaled up.

Coffee Machines For Restaurants

Who Uses The Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine?

This coffee machine is used in hospitality venues and eating out sites like cafes, bars, pubs, hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Who Doesn’t Use This Coffee Machine?

This type of coffee machine is rarely used in self-service situations like offices, car showrooms, or workplaces.

Synchro 2 Group Coffee Machine

Video And WhatsApp Demonstrations

Please watch the Synchro espresso coffee machine video from CBC Royal Espresso below.

We can show you the Synchro at our central London or central Scotland showroom or arrange a WhatsApp video call demonstration to you while you are in the comfort of your home!


Installation Requirements

The compact Synchro coffee machine can use a normal 3-pin 13A socket for power while the full size 2-group and 3-group models need a single phase 25A power supply. All our espresso coffee machines are both plumbed-in to mains water and require drainage from the drip tray to a bucket or U-bend waste pipe.

Water Filtration Requirements

If we install your Synchro espresso coffee machine it will normally be as a package with a suitable coffee beans grinder, staff barista training, coffee waste drawer, barista kit, milk foaming jug, 6 kilos of coffee beans of your own choice and an appropriate water filter.

The choice of coffee machine water filter does vary – in the Lake District the water is very soft and in London area it is hard. By ‘hard’ water we mean having a high limescale/chalk content that it is particularly important to treat where an espresso machine is involved because the water is at 110 degrees plus in the outer boiler.

Coffee Machine Water Filter      Water Filter Head   Water Filter Cartridge

Which Coffee Do I Need With This Machine?

Caffia Coffee Group have carefully developed a range of espresso coffee beans that spans more than 8 different types which are in themselves, as different as sweet white wine is from dry red wine and cover all main taste characteristics of coffees ensuring you won’t get bored with a certain taste! The range also includes organic, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

As we said earlier, we supply barista training as part of our coffee machine installation package. This is an important factor in giving you confidence in coffee making, presentation, and machine cleaning.

Coffee Beans

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