We are coffee machine suppliers Edinburgh and to the whole of Scotland, call our Edinburgh office on 0131 526 3217 or visit our coffee machine showroom at our Falkirk office. We deliver to Edinburgh two or three times per week and would be pleased to help with coffee machines for Barnton, Colinton, Morningside, Leith, Millerhill or Crammond.

We supply and install 2 group and 3 group espresso coffee machines and grinders from Macap and Mazzer, automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, coffee vending machines and bulk-brew filter coffee machines for high volume brewing. Do you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or golf club in Edinburgh? We can help you by offering an extensive range of professional coffee equipment for these types of outlets.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines Edinburgh

The Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 bean to cup coffee machine is part of a range of premium coffee machines that are made in Switzerland are are very popular for both office and catering applications serving up to 200 cups per day. This example has been set up in an office and has the optional chrome panels:

Coffee Machine Suppliers Edinburgh

Have a look at our video demonstration of the X8 machine on YouTube here to get a grasp of just how good it is!

The Jura Giga X3 coffee machine is a lower-volume version of the Giga X8 Generation 2 machine which has one coffee grinder instead of two but you still get a superb range of speciality coffee drinks like flat white, caffe latte, cappuccino and espresso made from coffee beans and fresh milk at the touch of a button and also a 3 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

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Talk to us about the exciting Franke A600 FoamMaster bean-to-cup coffee machine that we now have in the University of Edinburgh research departments, ask us for a coffee machine to rent quote or watch our video tour below:


Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

Royal Synchro manufacture a popular and rugged range of both 2 group and 3 group espresso coffee machines that are available in a range of colours including metallic red, orange, metallic black and white. They are a well-proven machine range and we normally install them with knock-out drawers, Macap espresso coffee grinders, free coffee beans, barista training and a water filter which is correct for the local water.

Coffee Machine Suppliers Edinburgh

Commercial coffee equipment can be dauntingly expensive to buy outright so we offer a simple and easy 3 year lease rental deal to spread out the cost of financing your coffee machine – call us on 0131 526 3217 to discuss the process to go about financing your coffee machine package.

Our Coffee Beans

As well as coffee machine suppliers Edinburgh we’re a dynamic family-run coffee business offering a wide range of filter coffee sachets, espresso coffee beans, teabags, hot chocolate tins and sachets, sugars, crockery and coffee machine cleaning materials for Franke, WMF, Necta and Jura coffee machines. Several of our range of 16 fresh coffees are also Fairtrade and organically certified – an ethical consideration that is very much of interest to a number of customers.

Contact us to discuss your needs or visit our Falkirk Coffee School and Showroom.

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