Caffia Espresso Crema Coffee Beans 6x1kg

Caffia Espresso Crema coffee beans are among the best coffee beans for espresso with a mellow blend of specially prepared coffee beans from India and Africa.

Typical of the Southern Italian taste with softness and hints of butter and chocolate yielding a classic ‘velvet swallow’ and excellent penetration in milky drinks like flat white or cappuccino includes both Arabica and Robusta beans.

This is the most popular espresso coffee bean in our range for espresso and flat white and is great for coffee shops, hotels or office coffee machines in the workplace.


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Caffia Coffee Group's espresso coffee beans reflect many years of experience and mastery of complex blends and roasts ensuring you the perfect taste every time; there are 8 in our range and also pre-ground decaffeinated coffees and filter coffees.

Delivering the ‘velvet swallow’ espresso with a taste profile to match your aspirations takes a carefully crafted range of coffees, barista confidence through training, and good coffee equipment.

Our espresso beans are packed in 6 x 1kg quality freshness one-way valve packs and are among the best coffee beans for espresso coffee or doppio that are obtainable.

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