Caffe Panorama Espresso Roma Beans 6 x 1kg

Caffe Panorama Espresso Roma Coffee Beans are cheap coffee beans online in 6 x 1kg freshness valve packs for more budget-conscious customers that still want to enjoy great taste. They are an excellent value blend of cheap coffee beans that will give great enjoyment and customer satisfaction without breaking the bank! You can pay with PayPal or SagePay here.



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Including a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with a darker roast profile that is perfect for espresso, flat white or cappuccino, they are a great coffee bean for vending machines, 2 group espresso machines or home coffee machines. Our espresso coffee beans reflect many years of experience and mastery of both complex blends and roast levels in our small family business to be sure of the perfect taste every time.

A ‘velvet swallow’ espresso with a taste profile to match your aspirations takes a carefully crafted range of coffees, barista confidence through training and a good coffee machine and grinder as well - talk to us about how we can help you!

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