Gracio Luxe Hot Chocolate Sachets 100 x 23g

These hot chocolate sachets are the ultimate posh hot chocolate to buy online, Gracio Luxe hot chocolate is an exceptionally versatile hot chocolate drink mix in a convenient 23g portion hot chocolate sachets bulk; it uses only the best hot chocolate mix for a smooth, rich and creamy drink.

Gracio Hot Chocolate Sachets can be made with hot water only or hot water and hot milk and are perfect for cafes, hotel bedrooms or travel catering purposes.

Packed: 100 x 1-cup sachets | Code: POR200


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A few notes on the history of chocolate: The use of chocolate was firmly embedded within Mayan culture. Chocolate was used in religious rituals and marriage ceremonies. While the Mayans used cacao purely as a drink, the story of solid chocolate doesn’t start until the 1850s. The preparation of chocolate by the Mayans wasn’t too different to how we do it today. Step one involved harvesting, fermenting and then drying the beans.

The beans were then roasted, the shells removed and then ground into a paste. This cacao paste was mixed with hot water and spices like chili, vanilla, honey and flowers. Chocolate was often mixed with water and corn to make a gruel which is similar to the corn drink pinole which is still consumed across Latin America today.

Chocolate was so valuable to the Mayans that it was usually only the rich that drank chocolate on a regular basis. Emperors were buried with jars of chocolate at their sides underlining the precious status of chocolate in Mayan culture.

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