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Enhancing the Coffee Experience at Surgeons’ Quarter Edinburgh: A Case Study

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This case study examines the successful installation of a Crem EX3 3 Group Traditional Espresso Machine in the café and a 2 Group Espresso Machine in the bar and bulk brew equipment. Additionally, a Krea Touch coffee machine was installed in the meeting room at the Surgeons‘ Quarter in Edinburgh. These installations aimed to elevate the coffee experience, improve efficiency, and enhance guest satisfaction in the hotel’s various spaces.



Surgeons‘ Quarter, located in Edinburgh, is a renowned hotel known for its commitment to providing exceptional services to guests. Recognising the growing importance of high-quality coffee experiences, Surgeons‘ Quarter invested in state-of-the-art espresso machines to elevate coffee offerings in the café, bar, and meeting room areas.



a) Café and Bar Area: The primary goal was to offer a superior coffee experience in the café and bar area. This involved serving exceptional espresso-based beverages using the Crem EX3 3 Group Traditional Espresso Machine while ensuring consistency, precision, and quality.

b) Bulk Brew Equipment: Installing bulk brew equipment alongside the 2 Group Espresso Machine aimed to enhance service efficiency during peak hours, enabling prompt delivery of coffee orders without compromising taste or quality. c) Meeting Room: The Krea Touch coffee machine in the meeting room aimed to provide convenience and a professional coffee experience during conferences, meetings, and events hosted at Surgeons‘ Quarter.



The Crem EX3 3 Group Traditional Espresso Machine and Crem Pulse 75 on-demand grinder were strategically installed in the café’s bar area, creating a captivating space where guests could witness the artistry of coffee preparation. The machine’s advanced features, including programmable settings, temperature control, and multiple brewing options, ensured consistent and high-quality coffee for guests.

In the hotel bar area and back-of-house kitchen, a 2 Group Espresso Machine withCrem Pulse 65 on-demand grinder, complemented back-of-house by bulk brew equipment and a bean-to-cup machine, enabled the café staff to handle high demand during peak hours efficiently. This integration streamlined the coffee preparation process, minimising customer wait times while maintaining the desired taste and quality.

Furthermore, the Necta Krea Touch bean-to-cup coffee machine found its place in the meeting rooms, offering attendees a self-serve coffee station. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface and wide range of beverage options including decaf and chocolate provide a convenient and professional coffee experience during business meetings and events.


Results and Benefits

a) Café and Bar Area: The installation of the Crem EX3 machine elevated the coffee experience at the Surgeons‘ Quarter café and bar. The machine’s precision and consistency resulted in outstanding espresso shots, delighting guests and enhancing overall satisfaction. 

b) Bulk Brew Equipment: Integrating the 2 Group Espresso Machine with bulk brew equipment and bean-to-cup machine significantly improved service efficiency. The ability to serve more significant quantities of coffee reduced customer wait times especially during breakfast service, resulting in positive feedback.

c) Meeting Room: The addition of the Necta Krea Touch coffee machine in the meeting room enhanced the overall experience for attendees. Self-serve convenience and various beverage options ensured that guests remained energised and engaged during business meetings and events—this increased demand for Surgeons‘ Quarter‘s meeting room facilities.



Installing the Crem EX3 3 Group Traditional Espresso Machine, the 2 Group Espresso Machine, bulk brew equipment, and the Krea Touch coffee machine has successfully enhanced the coffee experience at Surgeons‘ Quarter in Edinburgh. Surgeons‘ Quarter has positioned itself as a destination where guests can enjoy exceptional coffee beverages across various spaces by investing in top-of-the-line coffee equipment.


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