Contactless payment coffee machines take credit cards, debit cards and smart cards for making secure, hygienic and handy payments for your daily flat white, hot chocolate, cappuccino or caffe latte in the office or as a free-issue loyalty reward in a forecourt or retail store where our telemetry and internet-of-things package can be a big help as well.

Nayax, Vianet and Connected Molecules technology on our range of cashless payment coffee machines enables the consumer to place their card on to the reader on the coffee machine module to make their purchase; the main coffee machines that have this technology available are below with exciting developments from Necta as well.

Commercial coffee machines like these offer awesome self-service performance for quality flat white, hot chocolate cappuccino and espresso from fresh coffee beans and fresh milk.

A Trend Here To Stay

The trend for contactless payment on coffee machines will only increase with the Covid-19 pandemic and we look forward to informing you of more coffee machines as time goes on; it is likely that companies like WMF, La Cimbali and Bravilor will become players in this market with machines like the mighty Necta Kalea Plus, La Cimbali S30 or the Bravilor Esprecious.

The benefit of contactless payment coffee machines is that there is already a trend for clients to pay for their snacks using contactless technology so they use less cash so it makes a lot of sense to do this at your office coffee machine or coffee vending machine; we also have advanced coffee machines with telemetry options so you can monitor your coffee machine remotely.

Contactless Payment Coffee Machine

Cash used to make up around 60% of vending sales and this had dropped to around 45% in 2016 and even further in 2020 – 2021. Additionally fraud tends to be lower on contactless payment devices when compared to money theft and the consumer doesn’t have to dig around for the correct change or coins.

Hygienic And Handy

Hygienic convenience to minimise Covid-19 transmission and great coffee for end-user and operator are the result! Less cash handling and counting, higher coffee sales and more ease-of use are the results for the caterer.

The Jura Contactless Payment Module is a compact box which has built-in MDB interface that can be adapted to the user’s needs and allows users to pay for speciality coffees by credit card. It is compatible with all Jura coffee machines UK in the professional range like the X10 and Giga X8.

Gaggia Radiosa Coffee Machine Image

Messages are shown on the Jura Giga coffee machine’s display and you can set a wide range of prices for flat white, caffe latte and espresso coffees.

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Contactless payment coffee machines

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