We supply a comprehensive range of rugged professional coffee machines, coffee grinders, and barista training all over the UK but we would be the first to agree that this equipment is expensive for outright purchase so a coffee machine lease can make a lot of sense.

Coffee Machine Lease

Some commercial coffee machines cost as much as a car or van when you include the extended warranty and calcium treatment unit water softener filter that may be desirable. Refer to our handy map of water hardness at the bottom of this page.

While modern cafes, restaurants, and offices do need high quality coffee machines, it could be that your hard-earnt cash is better used in your business and a coffee machine lease allows you to spread out the payments in a tax efficient manner on a finance deal.

You Can’t Do Without Caffeine!

Caffia Coffee Group are experienced experts in the coffee machine lease rental game and work closely with the best finance companies to offer competitive rates and to arrange lease deals for new start businesses that can be a lifeline in setting you up with the needed machine.

A typical lease rental deal will have an administration fee added to the first payment and then a quarterly payment taken by direct debit subject to status over a 36-month period.

Coffee Machine For Golf Club

In many cases, a coffee machine is perfectly serviceable at the end of the lease and the lessee will arrange with us an agreed final payment and take ownership of the equipment.

Maintenance Contracts Built In

It is also possible – indeed common – to have extended coffee machine warranties built in with the lease rental finance deal, these are registered with the actual machine manufacturer to be a reliable investment and allow you to budget more or less all aspects of the equipment life time costs.

If you feel a commercial coffee machine lease would work well for you then please do give us a call on 01324 617618; we have an equipment showroom in central London and Falkirk and install equipment with full staff training all over the UK.

Water Hardness UK By Area Map

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