About Caffia Coffee Group

Everything From The Bean To The Cup

Caffia Coffee Group is a success story in pragmatic and flexible coffee and coffee machine expertise embracing global taste styles and in-depth coffee and equipment knowledge in a progressive way. A third-generation family-run business with a focus on client care and innovation.

Defining Premium Coffee

Our super-modern coffee roaster with strict quality control, research lab and coffee equipment and training showrooms in London and Falkirk are just the final stages in a long and fascinating journey bringing this marvel of nature from the tropics to your cup.

We set ourselves to create the ultimate coffee experience for you from our range of 8 espresso beans and 8 filter coffee and cafeteria coffees which includes Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffees.

We’ll debate and possibly disagree with your choices with blunt honesty but we will set you up with the right coffee for your aspirations and budget!

Coffee Machines London Showroom

Coffee Machine Experts

We’re a dynamic family-run coffee business offering a range of professional espresso coffee machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines and coffee grinders for offices, restaurants, cafes and businesses. Above you can see a range of professional equipment at our London showroom in Clerkenwell – see on Google Maps here.

Do you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or golf club? We offer an extensive range of commercial coffee equipment for these types of outlets including 3 group espresso machines and grind-on-demand coffee grinders complete with staff barista training.

Contact us to discuss your needs or visit our coffee machines showrooms; we also believe our website contains useful guidance on coffee equipment, leasing, user and cleaning videos and ‘walk about’ guides. Our blog and news page can be viewed here.

Our Principal Contacts

Russell Hardwick


Management Team (Sales)

I am responsible for customer service and sales at Caffia. Together with my Key Accounts Managers and Customer Service personnel, we will ensure that you keep the coffee flowing and together as a team we strive for nothing less than perfect service.

We value your business and will do all we can to make you a returning customer for many years to come.

George Hardwick


Management Team (Service & Installations)

I am responsible for the Service Team, Installations Team, new customer on-boarding and after-sales here at Caffia. Together with my Service & Installations Team personnel, we will ensure that your coffee equipment is commissioned and maintained to keep the coffee flowing

We are always ready to help our customers in setting your machines to dispense the perfect coffee.

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Management Team (Finance & Procurement)

In a fast-growing business like Caffia, controlling the finances is a fine art. Even in turbulent times, we have managed to keep the business well consolidated allowing the expansion to continue.

Keeping the supply chain in place means we can continue to support our customers throughout their coffee journey.

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Service & Installations Team

My number one priority is making sure your coffee machines are kept in tip-top condition and fixing them if they break.

Keeping the records straight on annual services and water filter replacements is equally important.

The Service & Installations team here at Caffia are always on hand to help.

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Marketing Team

I am responsible for maintaining the Caffia brand and message. 

We strive to ensure that our marketing is clear and to the point. Our customers need to be able to quickly make the choices that are most suitable for their needs.

Caffia – Custom Coffee Solutions for Hospitality and Workplaces.

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Operations Team

Caffia is a busy place to work. From receiving goods from our manufacturers to dispatching your order, we have one thing in mind which is perfect service for you, our customers.

We want to give you the best experience every time you place an order with us. Therefore, it’s never boring coming to work in the morning.