Jura Coffee Machine

Jura Giga X8

A Jura coffee machine is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine enjoyed by offices, cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels, and showrooms worldwide. They are one of our favourite brands of highly advanced, good-value, and progressive Swiss bean-to-cup coffee machines. Jura models come with major perks: the machines are incredibly flexible, brew the tastiest cups of coffee, and are cost-effective! As a bonus, the  Jura Giga X3 has an extended 2-year warranty, while the popular X8 model has a whopping 3-year warranty. 

Jura Coffee Machine

One of the many benefits of the Jura Giga X8 bean-to-cup machine is that it’s adaptable to your needs; they’re available with a 1.1-litre milk cooler, a more robust and powerful 2.5-litre or even a 4-litre milk fridge if you’re planning for a big event or the morning rush of customers! See our Jura coffee machines at our central London showroom or Falkirk coffee school, or book a virtual demo today. 

If you want to taste this fantastic coffee, you can also request samples. Caffia Coffee Group has a large range of coffee beans, including Fairtrade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans, filtered ground coffees, and more!

Check out our demo video of the JX8 – a popular Jura coffee machine, below:

A Jura coffee machine is a professional bean-to-cup coffee machine which allows you to enjoy a superb flat white, café latte, espresso, and cappuccino at the simple touch of a button, using the highest quality coffee beans and fresh milk.

If you want something more modern and upscale, look at Jura Elektroapparate AG’s innovative, Swiss-made Jura Giga X8c. It comes bundled with two precision ceramic coffee grinders for balanced coolness under heavy loads. Plus, it offers an ideal bean-to-cup machine for sites serving up to 200 cups daily.

These coffee machines aren’t just about getting your business through the day and keeping your clients energised; they offer coffee-shop standard mouth-watering drinks for those workplaces on the grind, busy offices hustling on a deadline, elegant showrooms in the spotlight, and so much more, all across the UK and Northern Ireland. The automation of these powerfully engineered machines is impressive, with consistently excellent quality and delicate, hot drinks being dispensed – a very British requirement!

And the cherry to top it all off? The latest Jura models are simple to clean, with easier-to-remove fresh milk frothers and fast maintenance. 


Jura Coffee Machine

The Jura Giga X3 Generation 2 bean-to-cup coffee machine has a single ceramic disc coffee grinder for long-lasting, quiet, and precise grinding. Our Jura Giga has a clear display, astoundingly flexible programming, and more than 29 coffee styles.

Haven’t found the perfect fit for your business yet? We have tons of great Jura coffee machine models, all waiting to froth up your much-needed hot drink for the day:

If we’re talking about the ultimate coffee experience, we must go with the Jura JX10. It shows off the latest in coffee tech by dispensing two flat whites, two cappuccinos, or two café lattes simultaneously! It’s extremely helpful when the lines start piling up, or you have a lot of people milling about in the waiting room. The machine proudly demonstrates excellent performance with the manufacturer’s two-year parts and labour warranty. Have a look at how to clean this Jura coffee machine below:

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Did you know that more than 20 million people work in the global coffee trade? According to reports in the Daily Telegraph from research in the USA, it does not hinder your sleep!

Jura Coffee Machines



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