We supply a range of hotel coffee machines including espresso coffee machine and bean to cup coffee machines; call us on 01324 617618 to discuss your needs.  A commercial coffee machine on lease-rental allows your to have an automatic bean to cup coffee machine using coffee beans and fresh milk. This is basically an automatic coffee shop for  your hotel or restaurant and spread out the cost in a tax-efficient manner.

With a super automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine you have a milk frother integrated into the machine’s outlet in order to heat, foam and texture the milk and combine with freshly-ground espresso coffee beans for a range of drinks like flat white, cappuccino, americano and espresso.

These machines produce a full range of drinks at the touch of a button like espresso, americano (a diluted espresso), caffe latte, cappuccino and in some cases flat white, mocha (includes chocolate as well as coffee and milk) and espresso macchiato. The automation in bean-to-cup machines is very useful in offering a consistent results and with low skill on behalf of your staff or in an the office or self-service situation. A bean-to-cup coffee machine using fresh milk produces quality drink and the latest generation like the Jura Giga series and Franke A600 and La Cimbali S39 are also easier to clean than previously.

Hotel Coffee Machines

There are situations where a bean to cup with powder milk and often with hot chocolate powder as well offers a neat ‘vending’ type option that is ideal for offices or showrooms – like the Necta Koro Max Prime for example.

It should be noted that in recent years on the one hand, powder milk for touch button bean to cup machines has hugely improved, it is often 100% pure skimmed milk in agglomerated form and on the other hand, the myth that powder milk bean to cups are a lot easier to clean than fresh milk bean to cups is not really credible.

The purchase prices on our range of bean-to-cup machines goes from £1250.00 to £15,000+ – there is a wide range and something for every site situation, volume and quality requirement. Have a look on our website or call us to discuss on 01324 617618 or 0203 096 7233

 What about Traditional Espresso Hotel Coffee Machines?

This style of coffee machine is very important in coffee shops and cafe bars where the public display of the coffee machine and the barista skills that need to be on show are helpful in selling the coffees. An example of the Synchro 2 group compact espresso machine can be seen here:

Synchro 2 Group Coffee Machine

Caffia Coffee Group offers a wide range of espresso coffee beans, paper cups, hot chocolate, teabags, barista training and other products UK-wide with rapid dispatch for next day delivery.

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