One of the most profitable items in a cafe or restaurant is the barista coffee machine; lending an exciting and substantial grandeur and hulking presence, piled high with crockery and having all the theatre of some kind of steam locomotive, these coffee machines normally come in 2 group or 3 group models, ask us for a price today.

A rugged and handsome piece of equipment, it is no exaggeration to say that the barista coffee machine is the engine of your cafe, bar or restaurant and is certainly a profit making machine that is probably without equal in your foodservice operation.

The Return You Earn From Barista Coffee Machines

The ideal coffee machine for a small cafe, a great tool for a creative barista and a rugged companion day in and day out for any eating house looking to benefit from the high profit margins that can be made from speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte and cappuccino drinks, the espresso coffee machine is the unsung hero of modern catering establishments!

Synchro 2 Group Coffee Machine

Typically the cost of the coffee beans per cup is in the region of 10p and even with milk, chocolate sprinkle powder and sugar, paper compostable cup and lid on top of this it is rare for a drink to cost more than 20p total so you can see that the profit margin available when selling at £2.00 or more is really remarkable!

Our Coffee Machine Showrooms:

We have 2 showrooms we you can view and try out a range of barista coffee machines with prices from £2600.00 + VAT to £5500.00 + VAT as well as commercial coffee grinders and our range of 8 different espresso coffee beans from rounded and smooth Espresso Crema to refined and tangy Espresso Fino – the gentleman’s ultimate mild espresso of gourmet refinement!

Coffee Machines Showroom

These showrooms are located in Clerkenwell in London and at our Falkirk head office in Scotland, call in and brush up on your skills or see the latest equipment at the ScotHot Show in Glasgow or Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

Staff Barista Training:

Operating one of these coffee machines does take a bit of practice; you are looking at being able to texture as well as heat and foam the milk and our barista training is an ideal way to learn, we offer barista training in preparation and presentation of popular coffees with all of the barista espresso machines that we install.

Brands of coffee machine that we offer suit a range of applications and include makes like Expobar, La Cimbali, Synchro, Macap, Franke and Jura are supplied on lease rental or purchase deals and installed across the whole country. Contact us on 01324 617618 to discuss any FAQ’s you may have further.

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