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Decaf Coffee Beans—UK

Looking for tasty decaf coffee beans?
Our pure Colombian 100% Arabica decaf coffee beans are roasted to
a light espresso shade and offer all the classic flavour of regular coffee without the caffeine.

Caffia Coffee Group has years of experience in the coffee industry
and a mastery over complex blends and roasts.
Our decaf espresso coffee beans reflect this and ensure you get the perfect taste with every steaming cup.

Experience the best decaf coffee beans in the UK with Caffia.
Buy decaffeinated coffee beans online today to
broaden your coffee offerings.

Decaff Coffee Beans

Our pure Colombian 100% Arabica coffee beans are roasted to a light espresso shade, all the classic flavour, and no caffeine. Caffia espresso coffee beans reflect our years of experience and mastery of complex blends and roasts, ensuring you the perfect taste every time.

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Caffia coffee is for every palate & pocket. Request an obligation-free quote if you want to buy decaf coffee in bulk or contact us for advice on which decaffeinated coffee is right for your business or workplace.

Caffia supplies commercial coffee beans in bulk to workplaces & businesses across the UK

Our Range of Decaf Coffee Beans 

As a trusted retail and wholesale coffee company, we stock a comprehensive range of decaf coffee beans. Sourced in Colombia, these single-origin decaf beans are freshly roasted at a roastery right here in the UK. Unlike a dark roast, this lighter roasting process helps to retain more of the beans’ original flavour notes for a truly unique taste.

Decaf coffee is also a great way to expand your coffee selection so that you can cater to a wider audience. Whether you’re looking to buy decaf coffee beans in 1kg packs or want coffee beans at wholesale quantities, our selection of decaffeinated coffees has you covered.

Here’s what you can expect from our range of decaf Colombian coffee beans.

Decaffeinated Colombian Beans – 1kg

For increased convenience, we stock high-quality decaffeinated coffee beans in 1kg packs. These whole beans are perfect for espresso or bean to cup coffee machines and are sure to delight your customers or staff with their decadent natural flavours. They’re ideal for offices or showrooms that don’t require high demand.

Decaffeinated Colombian Beans – 6x1kg

Our decaffeinated espresso coffee beans are also available for purchase in six 1kg packs. These wholesale espresso beans are the ideal solution for high-volume industrial environments like busy coffee shops or restaurants.

Are you looking for experienced retail and bulk coffee bean suppliers? Choose Caffia and enjoy luxurious decaf coffees that are packed with flavour.

Decaf Coffee Beans – FAQs

Do you want to know more about decaf coffee? Read our answers to some frequently asked questions for more information.

Is decaf coffee caffeine-free?

Contrary to what many people believe, decaf coffee is not entirely free from caffeine. However, it does contain much less caffeine content than your average caffeinated drink. A regular cup of coffee has roughly 95mg of caffeine, while decaf coffee only has about 2mg — an impressive 97% difference.

How is coffee decaffeinated?

When creating the perfect decaf coffee roast, professional coffee-makers will begin by extracting the caffeine (but not the flavour) from unroasted coffee beans. This decaffeination process can take many forms and often includes the use of solvents and water.

What is Swiss Water decaffeination?

An especially popular decaffeination method is the Swiss Water Process. When processed with this method, coffee beans are soaked in hot water to create what is known as a green coffee extract. A carbon filter is used to remove large caffeine molecules from this extract before it is used to filter other coffee beans.

Who should drink decaf coffee?

Drinking a decaf cup of coffee allows you to reduce your caffeine intake while still enjoying all the taste, flavour and health benefits of regular coffee (such as its antioxidants). It is an ideal choice for anyone who cannot tolerate or is sensitive to caffeine. This can include:

  • People on medication that cannot be mixed with caffeine
  • Children and adolescents
  • People who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from anxiety
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People with health conditions that require restricted caffeine intake

If you’re unsure about whether you should be enjoying a decaf or regular coffee roast, make sure to double-check with a healthcare professional.

Caffia: Wholesale Suppliers of Decaf Coffee Beans in the UK

As family-run commercial coffee suppliers with over two decades of experience, we stock a comprehensive range of retail and bulk coffee beans in the UK. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and are dedicated to enhancing your coffee experience. Our premium selection boasts 8 different types of coffee and includes sustainable and ethically sourced coffees that are perfect for eco-conscious buyers.

Besides being a wholesale supplier of decaffeinated coffee beans in the UK, we stock other coffee supplies like industrial coffee machines and grinders. We also offer full training and support to help you get the most out of your purchase when you buy a coffee machine. To experience our coffee machines first-hand, visit our showrooms in Scotland or England.

Wholesale Coffee Beans

Are you looking for bulk coffee beans? As suppliers of commercial coffee beans in the UK, we stock a wide range of bulk-buy coffee beans online. From light and dark roasts to caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties, we’ve got the perfect coffees for all your needs. As a bonus, you can also save money with discount rates when you buy coffee beans in bulk.

Request a Sample or Quote

Caffia Coffee is for every palate and pocket. Do you want advice on which decaffeinated coffee is right for your business or workplace? Contact us at 01324 617618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (England) to request a sample or an obligation-free quote to buy our decaf coffee in bulk.

Choose Caffia and enjoy the superior taste of our decaffeinated coffee beans. Explore our online range of decadent decaf coffee beans in the UK now.

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