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Single Origin Coffee — UK

As leading commercial coffee suppliers, we source only the best speciality coffee from around the world before expertly roasting it right here in the UK. We offer a collection of luxurious single-origin coffees, including bulk-buy coffee beans, online. 

Boasting a variety of decadent tastes, these beans are a great way to increase the diversity of your coffee offerings and impress your customers or staff with new flavours. 

Buy single-origin coffee in the UK with Caffia Coffee Group and experience distinct tastes from around the world. 

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Caffia coffee is for every palate & pocket. Contact us for an obligation-free quote to buy our decaf coffee in bulk or for advice on which decaffeinated coffee is right for your business or workplace.

Caffia supplies commercial coffee beans in bulk to workplaces & businesses across the UK

Our Single Origin Coffee Range

Are you in the market for single-origin Fairtrade coffee or coffee beans at wholesale prices? We stock a comprehensive collection of freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans.

With origins from renowned coffee regions, these beans can often be traced to a distinct source, like a single farm, for increased buying transparency. Our single-origin roasts also often have more nuanced flavours than other coffee varieties and are the perfect way to enhance your coffee experience.

Here’s what you can expect to find in our single-origin coffee range.

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

Our decaffeinated single-origin coffees boast all the flavour of regular coffee with a vastly reduced caffeine content.

Our offerings include decadent single-origin Colombian coffee that has been lightly roasted by experts.

By undergoing a shorter roasting period, these beans are able to retain more of their distinct, original flavour. This makes them an excellent purchase for anyone who appreciates a brew with unique tastes. It is also ideal for catering to those who don’t drink caffeinated beverages.

Ethical Coffee Beans

Our offerings include a variety of ethically sourced, sustainable coffee. Not only is it organic, our single-origin coffee is also fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified. Originating in Latin America, this medium-dark roast has fairly high acidity levels and features unique floral and fruity tastes.

Whether you want to help protect the environment with organic Rainforest Alliance coffee or are passionate about supporting ethical pay for farmers, our eco-friendly and Fairtrade single-origin coffee beans are the perfect choice for you.

Buy Retail or Bulk Coffee Beans

As a proud wholesale coffee company in the UK, we give our customers the option to buy coffee in bulk or small quantities. This applies to our single-origin coffees, which are available to purchase in 1kg or 6kg quantities, so you can easily try out these beans before buying them in bulk. Our 6kg deals come packaged in individual 1kg bags for increased freshness and convenience.

Are you searching for luxurious single-origin coffee beans online? Shop with Caffia and enjoy premium retail or bulk coffee beans in the UK with distinct flavours.  

Single-Origin Coffee – FAQs

Do you want to broaden your knowledge of regular and decaf single-origin coffee? Read our responses to frequently asked questions below for more information.

Do blended and single-origin coffees taste different?

Yes. Single-origin coffee has distinct, traceable origins. It comes from a specific region and is often grown by a single producer.  These coffees generally have unique flavour profiles that reflect the conditions in which they were grown.

In comparison, coffee blends are carefully developed using a combination of beans from various regions around the world. This process results in more balanced and well-rounded flavours.

The way in which a blended or single origin-coffee is processed also has a big impact on its taste. Common methods include washed, honey and natural processing.

How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

While not entirely caffeine-free, decaffeinated coffee generally has 97% less caffeine than regular coffee (around 3mg compared to 95mg).

Our single-origin decaf coffee beans are the perfect solution for people who are sensitive to caffeine or unable to tolerate it. A decaf roast enables you to reduce your caffeine intake while still enjoying the rich, nuanced flavours found in single-origin coffees.

Caffia: Leading Coffee Experts in the UK

With over two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Caffia are trusted retail and wholesale coffee suppliers in the UK. We work with established companies and roasters to stock a wide variety of high-quality coffee beans.

Alongside our premium commercial coffee beans, we also offer ground and instant coffee, as well as a selection of commercial coffee machines from leading brands.

Wholesale Coffee Beans UK

As trusted bulk coffee bean suppliers, we offer wholesale coffee in Scotland, England, and elsewhere in the UK.

When you buy our coffee beans in bulk, you can receive a discount rate on your purchase. This is a great perk if you need coffee beans for a cafe or another busy, commercial setting.

Buy single-origin coffee online with Caffia and relish in the taste of some of the most delicious single-origin coffee in the UK. 

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