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Please visit our professional coffee machine showrooms in London and Falkirk to view our traditional 2 group espresso coffee machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines and filter coffee brewers. These very handy venues are for getting ‘hands-on’ with our range of 16 fresh coffees and allow you to escape the furnace of your workplace and make a measured decision from the enormous range of equipment that is out there.

See Google Maps for our London Clerkenwell coffee machine showroom here.

Helping you choose a coffee machine – it’s not an easy matter to select the right coffee machine combination for your needs and we are on hand with advice and assistance throughout the UK; please see our article on espresso machines.

Call our Falkirk Office on 01324 617618 or London Showroom on 0203 096 7233.

CaffiaCare coffee machine service cover is provided as coffee machines require a maintenance program to be kept in optimum condition.

We have engineer cover throughout the UK and a fully-fitted workshop and parts store at our Falkirk head office. We also offer preventative maintenance and water filter change packages for your peace of mind. Contact us by email at: service@caffia.com or phone on 01324 617 618

We want to give you the confidence to feel at home with your coffee equipment so we offer full barista and operator training. We don’t want to leave until you are completely comfortable with operation and cleaning, espresso preparation, milk foaming and texturing.

Training in all stages of preparation and presentation of speciality coffees is offered to explain the small mysteries of coffee making and how every stage and component is vital.

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