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Coffee Blends

Coffee blends offer unique flavours
that are sure to enhance every cup of coffee you brew.

At Caffia Coffee Group, we stock bulk coffee beans in the UK, including a delicious espresso blend range.

Our selection features an array of
luxurious Robusta and Arabica coffee blends.

These beans promise to produce a high-quality grind, so you can make and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with ease.

Excite your customers and staff with premium espresso blend coffee beans. Buy your coffee blends online from Caffia or request a free sample.

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Caffia coffee is for every palate & pocket. Contact us for an obligation-free quote to buy our decaf coffee in bulk or for advice on which decaffeinated coffee is right for your business or workplace.

Caffia supplies commercial coffee beans in bulk to workplaces & businesses across the UK

Our Coffee Blend Selection

As leading coffee aficionados, we have decades of experience in the UK coffee industry. Our offerings include a variety of popular coffee blends. Unlike single-origin coffees, a coffee blend is created by blending beans with a variety of different origins. Different beans produce different flavours, which is why each of our coffee bean blends boasts such a unique taste.

Our range of unique espresso blends is expertly roasted in the UK and suitable for all environments. With a diverse array of flavour profile options, our selection is sure to satisfy every coffee drinker’s preferences. We also offer Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified options for environmentally-friendly buyers.

Here’s what you can expect from our delicious coffee blend range.

Light-Medium Roast Blends

Roasted for less time than our medium or dark roasts, our light-medium roasts are a great choice for anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee with sweet but subtle flavours. These espresso coffee blends are less influenced by the roasting process. Choose a lightly-roasted blend for coffee that highlights more of the beans’ natural flavour characteristics (similar to single-origin coffee).


Our range includes mixed Arabica blends from India and Ethiopia and offers a creamy texture with delicious hints of chocolate. These unique coffee blends are sure to create a decadent cup of coffee every time.

Medium Roast Coffee Blends

If you’re in the market for the best breakfast blend of coffee, look no further than our mediumly-roasted range. Medium roasts are known for having consistent, balanced aromas and flavour profiles.


With beans from several different regions, including India, Kenya, Brazil, and El Salvador, these roasts feature a luxurious, rich body and smooth, velvet drink. These blends also boast caramel and chocolate flavour notes that make them well-suited to milk-based drinks like flat whites and cappuccinos.

Medium-Dark Roast Blends

If you want to brew coffees with creamy textures and nuanced flavours to impress your staff and customers, our medium-dark coffee bean blends are the perfect choice for you.


A medium-dark blend of coffee has a stronger flavour profile than other roasts. Using beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Vietnam, our selection produces decadent coffees with slightly nutty finishes. This luxurious flavour is reminiscent of a typical Northern Italian blend and guaranteed to create a delicious drink.

Whether you’re brewing large or small batches, you deserve the rich taste of a blended roast. Contact our expert team for more information about our luxurious blends of coffee.

Caffia: Leading Coffee Machine & Bulk Coffee Bean Suppliers

Are you looking for the best coffee blend for the espresso machine in your office? Perhaps you want blended coffee beans for your cafe or restaurant. At Caffia, we are leading commercial coffee suppliers with over 20 years of experience in the coffee-making industry.

We work with trusted roasters throughout the UK to provide our customers with the best coffee blends for enhanced freshness and convenience. In our commitment to helping businesses elevate their coffee offerings, we produce coffees that are sustainable, affordable, and high quality.

Our coffee options extend beyond just commercial coffee beans. We also stock a selection of coffee machines, grinders and supplies, including conveniently disposable coffee cups and lids.

Buy Coffee Beans in Bulk

When you choose Caffia, you can enjoy a variety of high-quality coffee beans at wholesale prices. We are proud suppliers of wholesale coffee beans in the UK, including single-origin coffee beans and unique coffee blends.

We offer a diverse selection of bulk-buy coffee beans for sale online, with our premium offerings including coffee for every palate and pocket.

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Do you need help choosing the perfect coffee blend or single-origin coffee for your business needs? Come visit us at our first-rate coffee showrooms in Falkirk, Scotland or Central London, England and receive a free coffee sample.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our friendly team for expert coffee advice. Contact us at 0132 461 7618 (Scotland) or 0203 096 7233 (London) or send an email to

Enjoy luxurious tastes and flavours from around the world when you use an espresso coffee blend from Caffia. Buy coffee blends in the UK today and enhance your everyday coffee experience. 

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