We are delighted to showcase a demonstration video here of the rugged and modern WMF 9000S+ coffee machine so that you can explore the remarkable features of milk heating, easy cleaning and cup warmer steam jet heating available.

This is what is known in the trade as a superautomatic bean-to-cup coffee machine with all grinding, espresso brewing and milk heating and texturing taking place automatically when the selection is made.

Made in Germany to the highest standards with a 3 phase power supply, the WMF 9000S+ heavy duty coffee machine is recommended for busy restaurants, visitor attractions and hotels that are serving on average 350 cups per day.

Perhaps you have a large group which needs to be served quickly for breakfast? The same level of German perfection can be found in every espresso, flat white, cappuccino and caffe latte made using WMF Dynamic Milk foaming technology with 3 different levels of milk foam density to enjoy.

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