Suppliers of traditional coffee machines in London; call us on 0203 096 7233 or visit our Clerkenwell coffee machine showroom. We offer a range of 2 group and 3 group format traditional espresso coffee machines and also compact 2 group models for sites with limited budget or space.

Our range of catering coffee machines is ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels in London and our range of espresso coffee machines that is uniquely flexible, well priced and with service back up and full on-site barista training. It is a great help to be able to visit our showroom located in Gee Street, close to Barbican and Old Street stations and right on the edge of the Square Mile, Islington and Shoreditch.

We offer the Synchro and Esprezzi range of espresso coffee machines in a range of useful sizes and three different espresso coffee bean grinders from Macap – a professional Italian brand.

Coffee Machines In London

See our London coffee machine showroom on Google Maps here.

But how does a traditional espresso machine work? A traditional espresso machine works by pumping hot water through the bed of espresso (fine) ground coffee in a ‘group handle’ at a very high pressure of around 9 bar or 150 pounds per square inch in order to extract a very intense and aromatic cup of espresso – this is the basis of the modern speciality coffee drinks line-up.

Making a flat white, cappuccino or caffe latte involves heating and/or foaming the milk (we generally recommend semi-skimmed) with a cappuccino having more tiny air bubbles as foam on the top – this is generally done with one of the machine steam arms and via careful control of the steam valve.

We offer rental of espresso traditional coffee machines in London via a lease-rental finance deal with respected finance brokers.

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