Our class leading range of touchless coffee machines are smart and easy to operate via an app on your phone and assist in minimising the spread of infection. They are great fun to use as well with the machine remembering your own bespoke coffee menu in some cases!

The coffee selection screen of a coffee machine could potentially be like a door handle or fuel pump handle at a forecourt; an area where you could pick up unwanted viruses and bacteria from previous users and you can’t be too careful as symptoms can be hard to detect.

Coffee Machines Run By Apps

App enabled coffee makers mean a touch free coffee machine that minimises finger contact and ensures better hygiene in these difficult times of Covid-19 virus is now a reality. The convenience of a modern bean-to-cup coffee machine with app control from your smartphone for a bespoke speciality coffee must be experienced to be believed.

Touchless Coffee Machines

The Jura JX8, Jura JX10 and the Jura Giga X8 touch free coffee machine feature the J.O.E app which is easy to use and adds some spice to your day to have a fresh coffee that is as individual as you. Are you looking for a stronger espresso coffee for this coffee break? This is easy to order without touching anything except your phone which can also store your exact drink preferences. Save your own favourite coffee drink settings in your phone without upsetting the machine’s settings or anyone else’s preference – just download the J.O.E App from Google App Store.

See It In Action

Why not call us and see the app enabled coffee machines in action over WhatsApp or make an appointment to call in to our central London or Falkirk showrooms? The J.O.E coffee machine app allows you to see the machine’s cleaning settings and guides you on the best cleaning of your fresh milk coffee machine with easy and quick steps as well as allowing you to order cleaning tablets, water filters and milk cleaner supplies online quickly and easily.

See The J.O.E App in Operation:



Other touchless coffee machines like the Franke A600 and Necta Kalea Plus bean to cup coffee machines feature a neat pen like what you may have used on a tablet helping to hold virus infection at bay in the workplace by minimising contact on shared surfaces.

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