Touch screen coffee machines offer easy one touch screen functionality on an automatic coffee machine and are increasingly common for commercial bean to cup coffee machines as found in offices, golf clubs, garden centre cafes and visitor attractions and anywhere that an automatic coffee machine is useful.

Some models that Caffia Coffee Group offer like the Franke A600 and also the A400 and A800 models (you can see the screen on the left here) are true pioneers with stunning intuitive touch screen technology that adds amazing ease of use to these heavy duty bean to cup coffee machines that offer flat white, caffe latte, mocha, cappuccino and seriously delicious whipped hot chocolate made with fresh milk – perfect for the increasing trend in self-service cafes and serveries.

The innovative self-cleaning CleanMaster technology found on many of the Franke A-Series machines is another remarkable feature that makes operators lives easier but the screen has to be the best feature in the A600, with the A800 there is even a ‘stacking menu’ to order drinks ahead in a queue and for upto 300 coffees per day!

We also supply the mighty WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 9000 S + bean to cup office coffee machines that are made in Germany and are an ideal modern heavy duty coffee machine to servce speciality coffees like caffe latte, hot chocolate and mocha from coffee beans and fresh milk: the WMF touch screen coffee machines are installed with staff training and support UK-wide..

Perfect for self-service of premium speciality coffees, high performance touchscreen coffee machines seem to be spreading with the excellent Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 unit now sporting a nifty screen as well as the Bravilor Esprecious – a bean to cup coffee machine made in Holland that uses powdered granulated skimmed milk and hot chocolate powder as well – see a demonstration video of the Bravilor Esprecious here:

The latest generation of commercial office touch screen coffee machines offer automation, ease of cleaning and superb dense milk foam in ways that are almost unheard of just 10 years ago.

Caffia Coffee Group is a leading player in both the automatic and traditional espresso machines and grinders sector (2 groups, 3 groups and 4 group handles) and offer a broad range to purchase or on 3 year lease-rental deals with full staff training and free coffee beans; why not visit our coffee machine showrooms in central London and Falkirk?

You can see links to Google Maps below and why not check out our broad range of 16 fresh coffee beans and filter coffees and ask for samples as well?

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