Our range of compact table top coffee vending machine models includes both bean-to-cup coffee vending machines and instant hot beverage dispensers so that fresh coffee in your office becomes a practical and easy option with the benefit of increased staff morale.

The Necta Kalea Plus is a good example of a rugged Italian bean-to-cup automatic table top coffee vending machine which uses coffee beans and fresh milk to offer cappuccino, caffe latte and espresso at the touch of a button as well as hot chocolate.


These bean to cup coffee machines are ideal for car showrooms, offices and golf clubs, the compact sizes of our range of table top coffee machine units is one of the key benefits.

The comprehensive operator training, installation package and easy cleaning are other plus points as is our coffee vending machine lease rental arrangement which runs over 3 years and saves your capital in a tax-effective manner.

All our office coffee machines are supplied with full operator training and installation to ready position for power and water; they are delivered with a water softener filter, plumbing and free case of 6 x 1kg of coffee beans unless otherwise agreed.

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