An Italian-made Synchro espresso coffee machine is ideal for your cafe, bar or restaurant, it is one of our favourite brands at Caffia Coffee Group with the  full title being Royal Synchro, a family run company in Italy with a range that is smart, well priced and with a choice of stunning colours. Choose from red, orange, white and black finishes for these machines.

We offer a full range of espresso coffee machines for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and foodservice. The concept of an espresso machine originated in Italy and the key point is high-pressure extraction of intensely flavoured and concentrated coffee in short measure. This strong brew has spread from Italy to the entire world as a favourite coffee fix – with the Caffia range of beans it comes in a variety of taste styles but should always have a good ‘crema’ – the emulsion of coffee oils that floats on top of the drink (it’s a good idea to stir your espresso to blend this in).

As you probably already know, the coffee beans are ground to a fine consistency and ‘tamped’ (pressed firmly) into a strong handle which is known as a group handle, this is not unlike a very small saucepan. Once secured in the group head on the catering coffee machine, the machine’s pump is triggered to force water through the ground coffee at around 140psi (but low flow rate) and the result is this intense extraction.

Milk heating, foaming and texturing are undertaken with the machine’s steam arms – this is a barista skill that takes practice but don’t worry – we train you on all of this. Strong points of espresso machines are smart looks, good cup warming storage, good ‘theatre’ as customers can see the drink being crafted for them, good prices and robust performance.

Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine

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