At Caffia Coffee Group we have believed for some time that sustainable coffee packaging materials are the way forward for our range of nine premium coffee beans.

We are delighted therefore to show some images of our new recyclable coffee beans packaging which is the outcome of many months of research and investment.

Internally we dubbed this project, which was carried out during in the hurricane-force winds of the pandemic, ’Project Headwinds’ as, in some respects, it seemed tough to survive, let alone be eco-friendly with many cafes and workplaces shut!

Sustainable Coffee Packaging

Made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), these 1 kilogramme 100% recyclable coffee beans bags are a safe material that can be easily recycled.

LDPE is used extensively for food-grade applications with its advantages of being durable, flexible, and lightweight making it perfect for sustainable coffee packaging.

Less energy and raw materials are used during production of this coffee beans packaging and proper disposal is also simple and easy when you have finished with them.

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