V-Shaped Catalina Latte Glass 9oz – Plain

Crafted in Italy with flair, the soda-lime glassware offers great versatility with a variety of shapes and sizes including these conical V-Shape Catalina Latte Glasses which are 9.75oz / 280ml in size and ideal for showing off latte machiatos, caffe lattes and hot chocolates in your coffee shop, hotel or restaurant.

What you see is what you buy so often and this is certainly true when using a tall latte glass to display your barista prowess and keep those customers coming back time after time! With strong commercial latte glasses for coffee like these you have a robust continental product.


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We can also arrange to have coffee glasses acid-etched with your logo as well as personalised robust hotelware crockery from the Porcelite or Enrika ranges. The latte glass gives your cafe or restaurant the authentic look and continental European feel associated with coffee shops and cafes in Italy and can help your quality coffee stand out from the crowd.

With comfortable handles and made to withstand high temperatures and with being 100% dishwasher safe, why not upgrade to the classic-style latte glass here and now?!

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