Renegite Descaler Sachets – 4x15x50g

Renegite Descaler Sachets from Bravilor Bonamat are an excellent cleaning product for baristas and catering professionals; they maintain your filter coffee machine, water boiler or bulk brewer leaving it pristine and also prolonging its life. Renegite descaler is a great choice for use in restaurants, offices and hotels to remove limescale build-up and save energy with your brewers.


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How To Use Renegite:

Renegite is an easy-to-use quality product; dissolve the contents of the whole Renegite sachet in the correct amount of lukewarm water (refer to Bravilor guidelines that came with your machine). Flush the coffee equipment with fresh cold water after the descaling process is complete – there are instructions on the sachet as well.

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